It's a Boy!

Micah Joel vanHooydonk was born July 18, 2009 at 12:11am. Weighing 9lbs 1oz, measuring 21.5" long, his labour was equal to my previous two combined! Having spent a mere 6 hours in labour with Eden and about 4 hours in labour with Isaac, both I and the midwives expected another quick labour. In fact, we had even made back up plans for a home birth.
How wrong we were! It's almost laughable now!
Instead of a quick delivery, my labour was just over 10 hours long. Already hooked up to an IV full of antibiotics for GBS (my first time with GBS by the way), inefficient contractions produced almost no result after about 6 hours and I was hooked up to an oxytocin drip. At the advice of both the midwife and doctor, I was also given an epidural to help me manage the amplified contractions. Generally speaking, I am not in favour of an epidural. However, as the epidural started to wear off, I began to feel the contractions, and I am glad I followed the advice of the midwife and doctor.
Pushing still hurt.
On the upside, I pushed for less than 3 minutes.
It would seem once he was ready to come, out he flew.
As a result of everything, instead of going home after my usual three hours, I had to stay for a full 12 hours.
I have come to the conclusion that up until Saturday, I have obviously been spoiled.
On the upside, I had virtually no post-partum. Not even a little bit. Given all the stress leading up to the birth, I laughed with my midwife that I must have had my baby blues before Micah was born, instead of after.
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