The "Conservative" Budget

Lots of spending.
Is such a massive deficit necessary? My feeling is no, but only time will tell. On the upside, we'll be getting a tax cut this year.
CTV has the full text of Flaherty's budget speech.
From the Globe & Mail
The National Post also has in depth coverage.

A few thoughts:
I expect the Liberals to support the budget. If they don't, then at the very least I expect them to race as far away from the coalition as they possibly can before election day.
I am not at all surprised that Layton vowed to vote against the budget regardless of what it contained.
According to the Globe, Ignatieff will formally announce his decision on whether or not to support the budget tomorrow morning. A media briefing has been scheduled for 5:15PM today in the House of Commons foyer. No doubt there will be much speculation as to what tomorrow will bring. But, as I have previously said, my money is on a support of the budget, or at least a total disavowal of the coalition.
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