An Open Letter to Her Excellency, the Right Hon. Michaëlle Jean

December 2, 2008

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

Your Excellency:

I am writing to you today to express my concerns regarding the impending attempt by the Opposition parties to override the results of the 40th General Election, which occurred on October 14th.

In that election, I exercised my democratic right and elected a Conservative Member of Parliament, and in so doing, expressed my opinion that The Right Honourable Stephen Harper was the best person to lead this country. Over 5,000,000 of my fellow countrymen agreed, and on election day we said that Mr. Harper deserved a stronger mandate to govern. Granted, he was only given a minority, but it was a stronger minority nonetheless.

Since that election however, it has become clear that the Opposition Parties never had any intention of co-operating with the government, neither did they have any intention of respecting the will of the Canadian people. Despite the assertions of Mr. Layton today in Question Period, the Canadian people did not give the Opposition Parties a mandate to govern as a combined force. Indeed, the Canadian people gave the Opposition parties no mandate whatsoever. That is why they make up the Opposition.

If the Liberals and NDP combined had more seats then the Conservatives, then perhaps we could make an argument in favour of their coalition. As it stands, there is simply no historical precedent for any Commonwealth government to form a coalition with less seats than the standing government. Their coalition can only survive with the support of the Bloc on all confidence matters. While it is true that the Bloc have agreed to give them this support for the period of 18 months, it must be noted that the Bloc exists to facilitate the sovereigntist movement in Quebec. When making decisions, their sole consideration is what will benefit Quebec. Therefore they cannot be expected to make decisions that will benefit the entire country.

I respectfully ask you either to prorogue this session of Parliament or call an immediate election. It is not up to elected and non-elected individuals to make backroom deals. While the accord may be legal and constitutional, it is also completely anti-democractic. On a matter of this importance, the voice of the Canadian people must be heard.


Mrs. Ruth vanHooydonk

(h/t to Sandy for giving me the idea. The only email addresses I have are info@gg.ca and smcook@gg.ca (the Governor General's assistant). If anyone is interested, there is also the option to call the Secretary to the Governor General (Shelia-Marie Cook): 613-993-0259, although I am sure their phones have been ringing off the hook.)


Anonymous said...

Your letter isn't going to make much headway since it borders on being factually incorrect. We have had governments with fewer seats than the party with the most seats. There is nothing wrong with that. Your letter expresses your opinion, but it is not based in parliamentary rules and traditions.

Anonymous said...

As I try to get all this mess straight in my feeble east coast defeatist attitude mind I am left asking this question "Can a federal tory write or say anything in their own words"? Why does Stephen Harper always tell you what to say??? You're all adults. Fortunately we on the east coast have good memories!!!
Now dont forget to shake your childrens hands as they go off to school tomorrow!

Eric said...

Nice letter but I can tell you one thing; it won't fly.

A majority of MPs are backing this progressive coalition, and that's all that is needed to a ditch a failing Conservative government.

The Conservative Party has lost the confidence of the house. Shorter, Cons loose, Cons are out. Good riddence!

Ruth said...

"We have had governments with fewer seats than the party with the most seats."

No, we haven't.
In fact, there has only ever been one coalition government, in 1917 under Borden.

"Your letter expresses your opinion, but it is not based in parliamentary rules and traditions."

Actually, it does both.
The Governor General does have the right to dissolve Parliament. There is no historical precedent for the current situation, so her decision must be carefully considered.

To the second anonymous poster, do you have an actual argument to make?

Eric, unless you are clairvoyant, you have no more idea than I do as to what will happen. And, might I add that if what Bourque is reporting is true, at least 15 opposition members are ready to break ranks and, if necessary, sit as independents.

Eric said...

That's not true.

History and common sense tells that that it is very very likely that the GG will disapprove of any PM who has lost the confidence of the house, and will approve a coalition that is being backed by the majority of the house.

Wanna bet? 9 to 1...

Another Sean said...

While the Conservatives may have lost the confidence of the house, I think it is quite evident that the Liberals and NDP have lost the confidence of the electorate. I say lets put both to the vote!

Anonymous said...

The real question here is not who is best to run the country but who has the right to decide who runs the country most people in this country who bothered to vote elected the conservatives right or wrong is not relevent. But the people of this country should make the decision not politions who help seem to be just worring about the own future not the people of canada. So prove democracy works and put where it belongs with the people who elect these children into office and lets make a decion and end the stupid bickering we are witnessing now.

Greg said...

"Since that election however, it has become clear that the Opposition Parties never had any intention of co-operating with the government"

This is clearly untrue. The opposition parties were in disarray and confused and would have gone along with almost anything Harper had done.

That's why we tried to bankrupt them by retroactively denying public election funding that was owed (while his party is flush with cash) and deny striking rights to public sector workers.

If Harper had not galvanized them in this petty, combative way, there would have been no problem.

Do not blame the opposition for its lack of cooperation.

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