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Monday, December 1, 2008

To those presuming to be my fellows, although admittedly you are citizens of my country,

Canada is doing very well in the midst of a global economic crisis. Since the recent federal election, it has become clear that the Opposition Parties never had any intention of co-operating with the government that was legally elected by the Canadian people. Therefore, a select few erroneously believe they have the right to seize power, form a new Government and implement a plan that the majority of Canadians did not vote for.

The contrast between the behaviour of the Opposition party leaders and the common action practices of all other Western democracies is striking. I will not accept this.

A majority of Canadians did not vote for the Liberals. Neither did they vote for the NDP or the Bloc. Indeed, not a single Canadian voted for a coalition on October 14, 2008.

In light of the critical situation facing our citizens, and the Oppositions unwillingness to get back to work, and work towards the true interests of Canadians, I am resolved to protest this new coalition.

Today I respectfully request that the Governor General, as soon as the appropriate opportunity arises, should force the Opposition to get back to work and stop playing games.


Mrs. R. vanHooydonk



Anonymous said...

"A majority of Canadians did not vote for the Liberals. Neither did they vote for the NDP or the Bloc. Indeed, not a single Canadian voted for a coalition on October 14, 2008."

To be fair, a majority of Canadians did not vote for the Conservatives either.

Richard said...

I'm very angry about this -- this is completely unacceptable. It may be legal, but it is not moral.

Dion and Co. better enjoy their time in office -- in the next election, they will have to face the electorate for this sham of a coalition with the separatist Bloc holding them together...stunning.

Anonymous said...

Only in Canada can the losers be the winners. This is sickening. When did we become a banana republic?

Anonymous said...

And a majority of Canadians did not vote for the Conservatives either. As for voting for a coalition, it is extremely rare that coalition governments are formed during an election; that would be rather stupid in most cases. They are nearly always formed after the election. I don't understand why there is such a fuss. This is EXACTLY how parliamentary democracy works.

Greg Douglas said...

Let's at least let the people decide. If this is truly a representation of the people, let us all send the message to Harper and the Conservatives. If it is not, then at least we are still a democracy!


We need to vote. We send our troops overseas to fight for freedom. We should at least enjoy it here. Put it to the people - let us have our say!

Ruth said...

Note to Daniel Mick:
Since i have seen the exact same comment at nearly every BT blog, I have assumed you are a troll and deleted your comment.
However, if you want to engage in an actual discussion, by all means be my guest.

Greg said...

Unfortunately, you're incorrect. You are only able to cast one vote, for your local MP. That's the same thing we all did.

In Canada, you are always voting for a coalition. The MPs who are elected are instructed to form a coalition to govern the country.

The fact that your favourite party got more seats does not take away from the fact that your party's leader was *unable* to get more than half the Parliament on his side. If Harper can't find 12 people to go his way, he doesn't deserve to govern.

That's how our Parliament works. I'm sorry that you think this is the United States where they vote for a leader rather than a representative. But that's a problem with you, not with the system.

Greg said...

Ah, but the devil truly IS in the details. The coalition needs to be thought of as a responsible alternative by the Crown, in this case, GG Jean.

Otherwise, we head to the polls. We have over 250,000 signatures on our petition that will be requesting Her Excellency drop the writ. CBC just published their survey from the poll taken this week that suggests a relatively even split among Canadians: those that favour the Conservatives vs the Coalition.

If the entire country is undecided, I'm not sure that's indicative of a need for change. Afterall - for the government to change hands, we should (as responsible citizens) think something more definitely than "maybe."

I hope Her Excellency chooses to send us to the polls. With the commotion this has caused, voter apathy HAS to be on the decline. Higher turnout will yield different results, or at least it could....

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