Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't

There is a new group on Facebook dedicated to fighting the coalition: Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't. At the time of this post, there were about 16,000 members.
If you are a Canadian with strong feelings against this coalition, I invite you to join.


BillM said...

Canada is a Confederation. It has 10 provinces and 1 federal government.

Th conservatives won 6 provinces
The Libs won 3 provinces
The Bloc won 1 province
The NDP won 0 provinces.

The conservatives won 7 (including federal) the coalition won 4

The conservative are more representative than the coalition!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes i am making a point concerning the supposed right or left catch fraze game that tends to become used in this battle for power, The libral party has being the most criminal dirty works party in the history of can politics, they used invasion of privacy, high tech sabatage ,gangs and media stunts and munipulation pay off it never ends. i know absolutly that the libral party is not a "libral party" they are a right wing party looking to gain power to get to the money. in which to build the party of astonishing hidden agenda's comparable to the nazi party's of the past. thats the truth..

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