Platform Costs

Conservative Platform. The costs are listed at the end.
Liberal Platform. Costs are listed here.
NDP Platform. Unless I missed it, they don't really have a costing section. They have a set of Explanatory tables instead.
Canada.com and Yahoo! News have similar lists of campaign spending promises.
Kitchener Conservative offers some costing numbers here and here.
By far, the Liberals are promising to spend the most. I actually expected the NDP to do that, but apparently not. The Conservatives are spending the least, but then, that's why we call them Conservatives.


Kitchener Conservative said...

In all honestly, the NDP has a number of uncosted promise, so who knows the real number.

wilson said...

Where's the $10Billion Dion promises to Danny for the Atlantic Accord?

Dion pledges to respect Atlantic Accord
Globe and Mail Update
August 28, 2007


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