Final Seat Count and Early Morning Thoughts

Conservatives: 143
Liberals: 76
Bloc: 50
NDP: 37
Independent: 2

- Dion is finished as leader of the Liberals. The next leadership race will be interesting.
- May should be finished as leader of the Greens, but only time will tell.
- Harper will have a default majority for at least the next 18 months, if not two years. No party will want to drag voters back to the polls too quickly.
- I am disgusted that Justin Trudeau won his seat in Quebec. He essentially did so on the power of his name, and not on the basis of any personal qualifications.
- Our system needs fixing. It is appalling that the Bloc have more seats than the NDP, when the NDP have more of the popular vote. It is a shame that the Greens have no seats when their popular vote is only a few percentage points behind the Bloc.


Anonymous said...

Harper may have moved the Conservative Party incrementally towards a majority as Prof. Flanagan theorized; however, to do so he plunged the Party to the left by discarding his small-c fiscal and/or social conservative principles, if he ever had any.

As was the case in the last parliament, the Conservative Party’s myriad of authentic small-c fiscal and/or social conservatives will once again not be represented in the next Parliament. This is a parliament of four left-of-centre parties, led by a PM disposed to sell his soul for the most important office on Parliament Hill.

Harper must punctually ascertain that genuine conservatives loathe and reject his plunge to the left, his enormous, and often superfluous spending increases (up to 8% increase annually), his lack of social legislation pursuant to the status of marriage and enfant slaughtering, his rebuttal to privatize at least some of the peripheral facets of the Medicare system, his announcement regarding cutting, running and surrendering to the Afghanistan terrorists, his refusal to privatize the extreme left-bias CBC ( the fool actually increased CBC’s annual one billion dollar grant), his refusal to de-fund the gun registry, his liberal judicial appointments to the Supreme Court, his repudiation to downsizing government and his Quebec quasi-separatists ass-kissing in which he gave Quebec everything they sought and got sucked-in. .

Legitimate small-c fiscal/social conservatives are now demanding a leadership campaign in which we would elect an unadulterated indisputable conservative leader, rather than just another ambitious politician disposed to sell his small-c principles for the third floor office on parliament hill.


macdouk said...

I'm not surprised by the win of Justin Trudeau.In fact I will not be surprised if he will be in the next Liberal leadership race.I know people who still vote Libereal for no other reason than their " love affair" with Pierre.For some reason this guy could do no wrong."The Canadian people were stripped of the one and only absolutely benign and dependable system for the protection of individual freedom in the world – the British common law. In its place Trudeau gave to the people the French kind of constitution, which submits the interpretation of a set of enumerated individual rights to the pleasure of a group of judges who are unelected and who are accountable to no one. Furthermore, this colossal constitutional change was implemented without consulting the citizens by referendum, as they rightly should have been consulted. It was a robbery of precious rights, and the people cherish Pierre Elliott Trudeau for being the robber. Some things truly are beyond human understanding!"(Author: George Irbe)

Trudeaumania is just waiting for a time like this to raise it's ugly head.

Smaj DeBoue said...

Far and away the most important number in this election:
Voter Turnout - 59.1%
Lowest in Canadian History

I also think it's interesting that the New Democrats found a seat in Alberta. ... Really?! Alberta!? Crazy!

Day after the election and the sky hasn't fallen... We're all in this together (Red Green) I guess.

Ruth said...

Thanks. I was just wondering about voter turnout. 59.1% eh?

Peter Thurley said...


I think that, for the first time in a long, long time, I agree with everything you've said in this post. Especially the last point.

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