Conservative Ad

This ad articulates my feelings on Dion perfectly. I definitely can't afford more taxes!


Zappa said...

I understand what their going for...women/family voters and all that.
But they brought a toothpick to a gunfight.

kursk said...

I disagree.It is understated, yes, but it hits home with what the average Canadian taxpayer is thinking..we can't afford these new Liberal tax increases.

I heard the very thing being said today in my local coffee shop..

Zappa said...

My attack ad:
Picture newspapers being stacked one on top of eachother.
First headline-Dion elected Prime Minister
Second headline-Dion implements Carbon tax
Third-Markets plunge
Fourth-Jobs losses mount, highest level in 30 years
Fifth-Canada's debt rises by 100 billion dollars.
Sixth-Alberta, BC to vote on Seperation
Seventh-Health Care funds dry up.
Eighth-Payments to provinces cut back
Is this the Canada you want?

Wouldn't that put Dion on the defensive and have to better explain his plan?

wilson said...

Rather than scare tactics with what could be, go positive with what is.

same newspapers stackinging with

-IMF says Canada to lead G7 n GDP growth

-September housing starts steady


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