Liberals "Hemorrhaging" Votes

That was the CTV NewsNet comment on the Liberals just now.
On their right side, they are losing votes to the Conservatives. On their left, they are losing votes to the NDP. In fact, the pundits were predicting Conservative majority with an NDP opposition.
Also heard just now, the Liberals are pegging everything on the debates.
Excuse me while I laugh my head off. Yeah, right!!! I have seen Dion on TV. Slaughter is inevitable!
As much as I dislike the NDP, I actually think it would be better for the country if they formed the Official Opposition. This is not because I agree with any of their policies. In fact, I think the NDP are wrong on pretty much everything.
However, there is no question that if the Liberals were to lose even their status as the Official Opposition, they would have to completely rethink every aspect of the party. The Liberals have always been a sort of de facto government; even this past session they have viewed themselves as a sort of government-in-waiting. Despite touting themselves as the party of the little man, the Liberals have always received support from mighty corporations: that lack of support now is clearly hurting them.
The Liberal Party of Canada is out of touch with Canadians, has policies which will ruin this country both economically and morally and they need to realize this. I can think of no better wake up call than voter punishment.


Brian said...

The debate !!!! ... OMG ... "General Custer Dion" is going to look like a porcupine at the end of the debate !

Ron said...

There would be significant benifit to Canada if the NDP formed the official opposition. First, as you indicated, it would force the Liberals to rethink their party, policies, practices and objectives - always a positive thing in a democracy. Second, it would force the NDP to grow up; for its entire existence, they have behaved like two year olds demanding, demanding, demanding with absolutly no vision for the consequences of their demands. As official opposition, they would have to behave more like adults, realise there are limits to governmental interference or be returned to third party status in the next election. Both of these things, would be good for our country and good for our democracy. I support Conservatives fully, but no one party should "own" the Hill -- Conservatives with two parties nipping at our heels would be just that much better.

Babylonian777 said...

I get giddy reading the headlines, but let's be modest, and save the champaigne for election night, lord willing.

Lets just keep our eye on the ball, Harper is not perfect, the debates can go any way.

Babylonian777 said...

One more thing.............I agree with you that the NDP would make a better opposition, not simply because it will give the liberals time to re-tool.

I just about disagree with every policy that the NDP run on, and would never want to see them in power............but.........for the most part, they are very honest, compassionate, and humble (non-elitist). I think many would agree with me on that.........dangerous? Oh your better believe it! There are some better qualities about them though.

burpnrun said...

Right on. But can I add: please, Liberals, reconstitute your party after this (massive thrashing), and then come back to displace Jack's socialist/communist party as the #2 party again. layton and his policies are insufferable!

Ruth said...

I agree with those saying they would never want the NDP in power or as the Opposition for long. Thier policies are too expensive and too nanny-statist.

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