Blogging Panel on Michael Coren

Interesting show last night.
Steve Janke aka Angry, Andrew Prescott aka Christian Conservative, Jason Cherniak and James Curran aka What Do I know Grit discussed the role of blogging in politics.
It was bizarre in the extreme for me to see Cherniak and Curran actually trying to accuse Steve Janke of getting talking points straight from the Conservatives and/or not doing his own research. Janke's blog is consistently excellent. I can't say the same of Cherniak. (C'mon, the guy predicted a Liberal minority last night. How well can such a talking head possibly write?) Admittedly, I've never read Curran's blog before, but I definitely plan to look. I just thought the comments lacked class. It's obvious that Janke does great work, and you should be able to admit this even if you don't agree with his politics.


Babylonian777 said...

With all do respect to Mr. Cherniak.........his blog offers NO new insight, it's absolute rubbish.

Janke's is top notch. I think you will get unanimous concencous on that.

kursk said...

It should be remembered that Cherniak is actively involved in Liberal politics, and is helping run a campaign for Byron Wilfert.

His views and comments should be considered highly partisan.

In my view, he should not be considered an independent blogger. If anyone gets 'talking points' from their party, it is Jason Cherniak.

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