Stephane Dion on the Michael Coren Show

When my husband and I watched the show last Thursday, my husband was certain Coren would write an article about Dion's references to God.
Sure enough, he was right.
What can I say? Dion referring to God was nearly blasphemous, as he is hardly what one would call a believer. It is no surprise to me that he did this based on advice he was given. He and others in his party figured to buy the religious vote with a few well-placed Christianese comments.
Unfortunately for Dion, it doesn't work that way for most of us.

My overall impression of Dion was that he gives the appearance of being a likeable fellow. He also seems to genuinely believe in the Liberal cause. He honestly thinks that the Liberal party is the best political solution for Canada. For him, it probably isn't all about power. This cannot be said of all Liberal politicians.
The problem is the Liberal plan, especially as it pertains to the carbon tax, simply isn't the best plan for Canada. As evidenced by his answers regarding childcare, he simply does not respect or understand the role of parents over their children. He would over-tax us into economic ruin all the while genuinely believing he was doing the best thing for the country.
And then there is his presence... or rather, lack thereof. I just don't see this guy sitting in a room full of international leaders, protecting our national interests. I simply don't see him with spine enough to do what is best for our country.
Whenever the next election is, the Conservatives ought to be a shoo in.
Which brings me to my next post...


Anonymous said...

Dion is the same MP who was part of the Liberal promise to end Child-Poverty in Canada by the year 2000.
He was in charge during the Ad-Scam theft from the $1.3 Billion total allotted for the Unity-Fund , he was there for the Liberal Kyoto Promise that saw emissions jump 30% rather than the lowering by 30% .
He voted for the Same-Gender Marriage, Bush-lead Afghan invasion , the Arar/William Sampson foreign jail scandal where they did squat to help them, he stayed mute when Chretien blamed the USA for 9/11 , he supported Martin when he welcomed back the Khadr Klan Kids and Mommy Dearest who praised the 9/11 hijackers for slaughtering 24 Canadians.

If Dion thinks he's a Christian just by saying so , then I'll move into my garage and tell the CRA I'm a car so I won't have to pay income Tax as a non-enity.

I still can't understand his Green-Shift logic that is supposed to be Revenue-Nuetral and have no direct affect on me .

Joan Tintor said...

Clumsy, insincere pandering, compounded by the stupidity of admitting that he was pandering!

It's clear that Dion's staff don't watch Coren's show, assumed that because it is on CTS that it is merely a balder version of 100 Huntley Street, and were too stupid to ask anyone what the show is about.

Rae and Iggy must have laughed their butts off.

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