The Conservatives and the Unborn

I received an email this morning that suggested Bill C-484 could be on its deathbed. Stories in the news this morning also suggest this could be the case. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has announced that the Conservative Government will introduce legislation to bolster penalties for those who assault pregnant women effectively killing Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act. Nicholson's bill would make pregnancy an aggravating factor for judges to take into account when sentencing those who assault pregnant women.
The suggested reason for this shift is a potential election this fall. Some fear that reopening the abortion debate could alienate voters, cost the Conservatives seats and perhaps even result in a Liberal government.
This is ridiculous.
The Liberals simply cannot win an election right now. Dion is not leadership material. The party is in debt and cannot afford to run a campaign.
The idea that protecting a pregnant woman and her unborn child might somehow alienate voters considering the Conservative party is even more ridiculous!! Despite our lack of law, many polls have already shown that most Canadians do favour some protection for the unborn. The type of people who are against any and all forms of protection for the unborn would not consider voting for the Conservatives under any circumstances because they are extremists in their view. There is simply no reason to play to them!
The Conservatives would be much, much wiser to stress yet again that the bill does not impact current abortion laws. The party ought to hold a free vote. If it passes, then that is the will of the people. Extremist groups are going to have to live with it. That is democracy! The government shouldn't play to the will of special interest groups who care more about themselves rather than the will of the masses.


SUZANNE said...

I think the government was concerned of a fear-mongering campaign launched by feminists, doctors and unions. They weren't worried about the average people, but of groups trying to influence the masses enough to affect the vote.

Dave Hodson said...

If an election really is happing this fall, then all bills not yet passed are basically on their deathbed, which is likely why they chose to withdraw and support for the bill and promise to introduce another, making it part of an election campaign at the same time.

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