Canada Day: A Day for Human Rights Complaints

Amendments to the Ontario Human Rights Code come into effect today.
This can't be good.
As this article from the Globe & Mail points out:
The [Ontario Human Rights Commission] only dismissed about 7 per cent of complaints, referring 93 per cent on for a hearing. That was a rather low bar to jump, but somehow this arrangement caused delays. With the processing of cases through the commission bureaucracy and a shortage of adjudicators, a large backlog accumulated. A typical case took about five years to be heard and decided.

So, rather than improve the system, Ontario residents may now bring their complaints directly to the Tribunal itself. There will be no review of the case to see if it is even legitimate. If you file a complaint, you are guaranteed to get a hearing.
It gets better.
The legislation also removes a $10,000 cap on awards for "mental anguish" caused by discrimination...
"In Canada, we protect a lot of things, but traditionally we have given out small awards."
The law also outlines that individuals can now be compensated for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Emphasis mine.
But please read that again.
It is now a hate crime to injure someone's feelings.
Other changes to the law include an extension of the window to file a complaint to one year from six months.

So, someone can take an entire year to file a complaint on account of their poor, hurt little feelings.
"There was an almost universal call for change," Bentley said.

There was.
But, Mr. Bentley, this is not the sort of change people were hoping for. In fact, these recent amendments are now guaranteed to make the situation worse.
Here are a few more pertinent facts, and the Star also has a story.
O, Canada.
Is anyone really standing on guard for thee? Or are we all just sitting around, watching our free speech go swirling down the toilet?


Archie said...

Just when you thought when things could not get any worse. Lucy must be happy, his salary will increase.

BEAJ said...

Does this mean we can only blog about how pretty flowers are?

Anton said...

I find pretty flowers deeply offensive. That fact that you bring them up hurts my feelings. The way they grow there with their colours and their leaves, mocking me!

Tribunal for you! Tribunals for everyone!

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