Parental Concern Outlawed! Coming to a Country near You!

What is wrong with people, specifically judges in this country?!?
...A judge in Gatineau, Que., sided with a 12-year-old girl who challenged her father after he refused to let her go on a school trip for disobeying his orders to stay off the Internet.

First of all, what is a judge doing even hearing a complaint like this? The girl is 12 years old. Her father punished her for disobedience. That is a perfectly normal thing in this country.
But get a load of what the girl actually did!
The father... cut off her Internet access after she chatted on websites he had tried to block. She then used a friend's Internet connection to post inappropriate pictures of herself...

She post inappropriate pictures of herself.
In other words, this girl is a twelve year old tramp, placing herself in harms way where she is likely to lure predators.
Instead of recognizing that the father in question was trying to protect his daughter from potential harm this moron of a judge decides:
...that denying the trip was unduly severe punishment.

What in the world?!??!!?
This girl could be attracting pedophiles.
She is willfully placing herself in harms way by posting sexual pictures of herself... to say nothing at all of her immodesty and general bad behaviour.
Instead of doing what a judge is supposed to do, that is rule in such a way that the weak and vulnerable are protected, he actually takes her side, says "Daddy is a big meanie. Go ahead and be a tramp. Go ahead and lure those pedophiles."
I feel very sorry for this father.
He has obviously tried to do the right thing and has had a tough time of it.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl Milne, a lawyer for the Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law says not to brace for a flood of young litigants. Wrong! Get ready folks, the door has been opened and every shyster in the country will be chasing this ambulance.
Many years ago my daughter defied her mother on some issue or other. When I supported her mother my daughter informed us both that she was leaving home because she could collect welfare at 15 years of age and some of her friends had already done so. I went and got a couple of suitcases and told her I'd help her pack. Needless to say, she stayed, and I didn't need the input of some social engineer sitting on a court bench trying to tell me how to deal with my own domestic situations.

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