Mainstream Media: Unreporting Itself into Total Irrelevancy

Check your morning news. Pick your favorite source. CBC, Globe & Mail. National Post. Whatever.
See anything about the CHRC investigation by the RCMP? No? Neither do I.
Meanwhile, this is going on:
Key testimony from the March 25th Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing in the Warman v. Lemire case has been redacted from the official Canadian Human Rights Commission transcript...the official transcript produced by the CHRC omits embarrassing testimony about the CHRC's conduct... The deletion was discovered by the respondent in the case, Marc Lemire, who painstakingly compared an audio recording of the hearing with the CHRC's written transcript.

(You can check Levant's post on the matter for more info.)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you consider this newsworthy? I do.
In the first place, the CHRC banned all media from attending the hearing. Then, they refused to release a public transcript. When they were finally forced to commission a transcript (which was leaked), it was edited in order to protect certain individuals.
One of the most powerful organizations in Canada, and one that is supposed to be for our benefit, is lying to the public about its behaviour at every turn. When they aren't lying outright, they lie by way of omission.
And where is the media, the great shapers of societal though, the defenders of free speech, truth, justice and the Canadian way?
Nowhere to be seen at all.
By the time this story finally hits the news, everyone will already know all about it. The media will not have so much as a single interesting, original or new point to add to the matter. They will just be repeating yesterday's news... and probably not very well at that.


Don said...

You're missing something. The "something" being that if any of the MSM printed anything about the problems the CHRC is having with truth and fairness, the CHRC could (and would) charge the MSM for promoting hatred against the CHRC. And we all know what the outcome of a 13.1 charge...

May said...

Although that is true, Don; there is still a way to report this. United we stand; divided we fall. If every news outlet in the country got together, jointly wrote articles on this and published it in every newspaper and online media aggregator nationwide; they would be unstoppable. The same articles in the G & M and the National Post right down to the free dailies handed out on the street. Better yet; invite the bloggers as well and have the old media and the new media join together in the common goal of protecting freedom of the press and free speech in Canada. The HRCs can't demand EVERYONE stop publications and pay fines and be mouthpieces of the state. One journalist; one blogger; they can stop. One Canadian alone they can silence. But they can't silence us all if we act together.

King Brian said...

You should check out Tom Brodbeck [Winnipeg Sun's Legislature and Law columnist] to this post:

Have a stiff drink before polluting your mind with his ignorance, stupidity and mediocrity:


Anonymous said...

canadians, people becoming slaves to their own stupidity

brianakira said...


I meant check out Winnipeg Sun's Brodbeck's comments on this article:


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