CHRC under Criminal Investigation: Canadian Media mum?

I mentioned yesterday the fact that the CHRC is under criminal investigation. When I read it, it struck me odd that I hadn't heard anything about it as yet. Then I looked around online to see what I could find and I only found one article.
One article only, and it's from the Washington Times.
The criminal investigation of the Canadian Human Rights Commission is probably the biggest story of the day, and only an American paper cares enough to write about it. How is this possible? The CHRC has been stamping out free speech left and right, and not a single Canadian media outlet is writing anything this investigation.
The details:
The complaint comes in response to accusations that investigators with the commission had hijacked the Internet account of an unsuspecting third party in order to post Internet messages to neo-Nazi Web sites...

Entrapment, anyone?
While the tribunal upheld the commission's initial refusal to discuss its investigation tactics, a higher court forced the disclosure upon appeal...
An employee with Bell Canada... was subsequently subpoenaed. The employee then connected the "Jadewarr" pseudonym to the personal Internet account of Nelly Hechme — a 26-year-old woman living near the commission's main office in Ottawa.

So, basically, the CHRC uses other people's Internet lives to do their dirty work. But it gets better.
Miss Hechme's Internet access had been encrypted and could not have been easily hacked, she said.

So, in other words, they didn't do this easily. Someone took very deliberate steps to steal her Internet life.
Ironically, the investigation comes at a time when the Mounties are appealing a Tribunal decision against them.
The Tribunal recently ordered the Mounties to pay $500,000 to Ali Tahmourpour, a police cadet who accused the Mounties of discrimination after being expelled from their training program. The Tribunal also ordered the Mounties to give Mr. Tahmourpour another chance to join.

The world we live in.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that the CBC for one is the biggest target for Libel and Slander Lawsuits during all these years where they blindly reported the flavour-of-the-month "Phobia" to smear someone based on the CHRC rulings.

I thought the Arar inquiry was to teach the media a lesson about Trial-by-media when printing "Allegation" in a way to make viewers or readers Infer a guilt from a valid Racism or Islamophobia that is really a perceived harm from Hurt-Feelings .
If Arar got $10 million for an alleged harm by his homeland of Syria , surely every victim of the CHRC must be allowed some redress for the provable conspiracy by fraud artists that used Illegal means for their Income to by-pass
Taxes as a non-earned Settlement as a victim of a crime.

The paradox though for the NDP is that they have bashed the RCMP as a puppet for Harper and can't be trusted after the Cadman affair which Alexis McDonnough allegated as a cover-up by the RCMP , Layton keeps demanding the RCMP investigate any Allegations to Conservatives of illegal activity but then bashes the RCMP as corrupt to the point where they can't be unbias.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Looks like: Iffen this hard news story doesn't fit into the MSM's 'story' template of muckracking, character assassination, the dangerous calumny of the neo-con hidden agenda, bushism, republicanism, or eighteen quotes from "anonymous sources, secret persons close to the PM, high level neo-cons speaking under the cover of secrecy etc etc etc " then it does not exist. MSM is the modern version of Mother Goose crossed with the Brothers Grimm and Aesop's Fables. There is very little of news in the MSM.
Sadly, it is to laff.



Anonymous said...

You can find a copy of the Criminal complaint online at:


Anonymous said...

It is telling, I think, that even the National Post is not making a big deal about this. Kay and Brean and others have been very aggressive in critizing the HRCs, and the National Post is named as a defendent by RW in his most recent suit.

But they are not pursuing this issue in the past few days. Why? It's not lack of aware or interest, to be sure.

Maybe this story just isn't the big deal we all wish it would be!
Or maybe there are things going on behind the scenes of which we are not aware.

Anonymous said...

Globalist commies control both the MSM and the CHRC, thus it is not in their best intersts to tell the truth on this issue. They prove that their immaturity out paces their stupidity. (real conservative)

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