Go Rick Dykstra!!

He's not my MP, but I applaud his recently tabled motion to have the CHRC investigated. This just in from Ezra Levant:
The Conservative government has introduced a motion to Parliament's Justice Committee proposing an investigation into the abusive, corrupt practises of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The motion specifically refers to public "concerns" about the CHRC's "investigative techniques" and their "interpretation and application" of the section 13 thought crimes provision.

It's about time! There are so many problems with the way the CHRC conducts itself, not to mention some of the rulings they have handed down.
The government's proposed inquiry comes on top of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's announcement last month that she is investigating the corrupt and abusive conduct of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. And earlier this month, Ottawa police referred a criminal complaint about the CHRC to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are now conducting a criminal investigation.

The CHRC under criminal investigation? Really? It will be interesting to see what the investigation turns up. But back to the proposal at hand. MP Rick Dykstra tabled the following motion.
Whereas concerns have been raised regarding the investigative techniques of the Canadian Human Rights Commission (the "Commission") and the interpretation and application of section 13 of the Canada Human Rights Act (the "Act"); and
Whereas the Commission operates independently and reports to Parliament;
Be it resolved that the Justice and Human Rights Committee examine and make recommendations with respect to the Canadian Human Rights Commission and in particular:
a) review the mandate and operations of the Commission;
b) review the Commission's application and interpretation of section 13 of the Act;
c) Solicit and consider oral submissions from the Chief Commissioner and oral or written submissions from other interested persons or organizations;
d) Submit a report, including any proposed amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act arising out of the results of the Committee's inquiry.


More of What Luther Said

In light of the conversation below:

But concerning the inability of our adversaries to resist, (as that particular falls in here,) I would, by the way, observe that it is thus:—It does not mean, that they are forced to yield with the heart, or to confess, or be silent. For who can compel men against their will to yield, confess their error, and be silent? 'What (saith Augustine), is more loquacious than vanity?' But what is meant by their mouths being stopped, their not having a word to gainsay, and their saying many things, and yet, in the judgment of common sense, saying nothing, will be best illustrated by examples....
For I know well, by experience, how unwilling every one is to be overcome; and (as Quintillian says,) 'that there is no one, who would not rather appear to know, than to be taught.' Although, now-a-days all men, in all places, have this proverb on their tongue, but more from use, or rather abuse, than from heart-reality—'I am willing to learn, and I am ready to follow what is better, when I am taught it by admonition: I am man, and liable to err.' Because, under this mask, this fair semblance of humility, they can with plausible confidence say; 'I am not fully satisfied of it.' 'I do not comprehend it...' 'He asserts so obstinately.' And they nestle under this confidence, taking it for granted, that no one would ever suspect, that souls of so much humility could, ever pertinaciously resist and determinately impugn the known truth. Hence their not yielding in heart, is not to be imputed to their malice, but to the obscurity and duplicity of their arguments.
In the same manner did the philosophers of the Greeks, act; who, that the one might not appear to give up to the other, though evidently confuted, began, as Aristotle records, to deny first principles. In the same way we would mildly persuade ourselves and others, that there are in the world many good men, who would willingly embrace the truth, if there were but one who could plainly shew which it is; and that, it is not to be supposed, that so many learned men, in such a course of ages, were all in error, and did not know that truth...
But if there be any who do not see this clearness, and are blind, or offend under this sun, they, if they be wicked, manifest how great that dominion and power of Satan is over the sons of men, when they can neither hear nor comprehend the all-clear words of God, but are as one cheated by a juggler, who is made to think that the sun is a cold cinder, or to believe that a stone is gold.

Judge Must be "On Crack"

I recently received an email commenting on the decision handed down by British Columbia Supreme Court judge Mr. Justice Pitfield three days ago. Justice Pitfield decided that to deny addicts the use of the safe-injection site Insite contravenes section 7 of the Charter which provides for "the right to life, liberty and security of persons."
Admittedly, I have not been paying close enough attention to the news as of late. Sure that this must be some sort of error, I did some looking around and sure enough, it wasn't an error.
You wonder what this judge was thinking... or if he even was thinking. How does providing a legal crackhouse reduce harm? How does forcing it to close violate the "rights" of addicts to life, liberty and security of person?
Drugs kill, Mr. Justice. Or didn't you know that? You would think that the fact a doctor with strong views against the site was harassed by druggie protesters would have had some impact on the judges decision.
The government rightly disagrees with the ruling and is seeking an appeal. Media coverage , on the other hand, is typically nauseating. (Careful, Gloria, your bias is is showing.)

In what might seem like a non sequitor, I feel the need to point out that I have been reading Martin Luther's Bondage of the Will. I read a portion last night which seems ironically appropriate.
Wherefore, it is no wonder in divine things, that through so many ages, men renowned for talent remained blind. It might have been a wonder in human things, but in divine things, it would rather have been a wonder if there had been one here and there that did not remain blind: that they all remained utterly blind alike, is no wonder at all. For what is the whole human race together, without the Spirit, but the kingdom of the devil (as I have said) and a confused chaos of darkness? And therefore it is, that Paul, (Ephes. vi. 12,) calls the devils, "the rulers of this darkness." And, (1 Cor. ii. 8,) he saith, that none of the princes of this world knew the wisdom of God. What then must he think of the rest, who asserts that the princes of this world are the slaves of darkness? For by princes, he means those greatest and highest ones, whom you call 'men renowned for talent.' And why were all the Arians blind? Were there not among them men renowned for talent? Why was Christ foolishness to the nations? Are there not among the nations men renowned for talent? "God (saith Paul) knoweth the thoughts of the wise that they are vain," (1 Cor. iii. 20.) He chose not to say "of men," as the text to which he refers has it, but would point to the first and greatest among men, that from them we might form a judgment of the rest.

And does not Justice Pitfield, and his lamentable decision, so accurately represent what is wrong with Canadian society? Judges are often considered among the first and best of our country, and yet how utterly blind is this man to the potential effects of his decision? As any former drug addict, or family member of a former addict can tell you, giving people a place to "safely" do their drugs does not help them move away from their addiction. Detoxification, abstinence and counseling is the only solution. One wonders how many addicts this judge has actually known. Furthermore, one wonders how exactly a judge can come up with a ruling that permits illegal behaviour.
It's a sad day for Canada.
Not only does this ruling show our society doesn't care to help our addicts, we prefer they remain addicts.
It's their "right" to be addicted and our "right" not to give a rat.


Communication Happens at Home

Sara has an interesting post on the recent comments of Clarissa Williams, the new president of the National Association of Head Teachers in the UK.
Among other things, Williams said that "real communication" takes place "at home" around the dinner table, without the distractions of television and video games. I have to say, I totally agree with her and I wish more people in the public sector had her wisdom.
More can be read at the BBC.


Global Warming Stopped? Say it Ain't So!

Interesting editorial by Lorie Goldstein.
German climate scientists have just published a study in the respected science journal Nature suggesting global warming has stopped and will not resume until at least 2015.

Stopped? Say it Ain't So!
Based on new, computer-generated climate models that factor in natural ocean currents, the researchers conclude: "Our results suggest that global surface temperatures may not increase over the next decade, as natural climate variations in the North Atlantic and tropical Pacific temporarily offset the projected anthropogenic (man-made) warming."

But, it gets better.
Since there has actually been no global warming since 1998...

What? 1998? No global warming at all in the past ten years? I seem to recall pointing out a similar fact once before.
What does this newfound lack of global warming mean for our dear old planet?
that means there would be an almost two-decade span where concentrations of GHG emissions, most notably carbon dioxide, continued to intensify in the atmosphere, without global temperatures following suit.

So, basically, if there is any global warming, climate change scientists don't actually know whether or not it is caused by emissions, much less whether or not it is the fault of mankind.
It figures.
Looks like Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth (which never forced him to make any changes in is own lifestyle, by the way) is more like a Convenient Lie. No idea why he actually bothered to tell it, but I would put my money on money and the fact he makes quite a bit buying energy "credits" from himself.
"Not long ago, anyone who looked at the global annual temperature data and disrespectfully pointed out that it might actually be significant that the world hasn't become warmer since 1998, was dismissed as foolish and accused of seeing what they wanted to see . . . Then, if they had the effrontery to point out that even the U.K.'s MET (British Meteorological Office) agreed that the annual data between 2001-7 was an impeccable flat line, they were told they were completely wrong as such things were obviously only year-on-year variability...

Read that again.
An impeccable flat line.
Meanwhile, we've had not one but two Earth Hours and there are people out there who want to have Earth Hour at the beginning of every month in order to save the planet. (Note: You'll need a Facebook account to see that group.)
Speaking of which...
And this is just an aside, did you know that Earth Hour has a website?
Are they serious?
In case you are wondering why I am pointing this out, let me make it abundantly clear that web servers are by no mean energy efficient. One machine is not a big deal. An entire farm running 24/7 is a different story. Furthermore, a server room should always be air conditioned and well-ventilated, as large numbers of computers tend to generate a lot of heat... and that's not good for them.
The Earth Hour site is hosted by Segment Publishing. Check out their Facilities description:
The power systems are designed to be able to run uninterrupted, even in the unlikely event of a total power failure. Our servers are fed via conditioned UPS power, that will run should power fail. The UPS features maximum redundancy (N+1) with instant failover should the primary UPS fail. In the event of an extended power failure, the on-site diesel generator can run indefinitely. The generator is constantly tested to ensure it will function when most needed.
The datacentre is meticulously tidy. All the air within is circulated and filtered every 90 seconds to remove dust particles and any contaminants. The Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system features N+1 redundancy with a duplicate system ready to take over should the primary system fail.

So, in other words, the servers hosting the Earth Hour website are almost definitely NOT solar powered. They are paying good money for state of the art equipment that uses plenty of electricity.
Now, I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but if these people were REALLY concerned about the planet, they'd live like the Amish and would shun technology. After all, emissions are causing global warming, right?
I'd like to ask the Earth Hour guys what they are being paid and whether or not they bother to keep up with the latest research on climate change. My guess is probably not. A hole in the great global warming scam would put these people out of a job.
Or maybe not.
The lack of global warming over the past ten years hasn't really put a damper on their efforts.
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