The Songwriters Association of Canada wants a Settlement

This is an outrage!
The [SAC] which is funded by the government of Canada though the Canada music fund and Canadian Heritage would have the government raise the money by applying a $5 a month tax on every internet and wireless account in Canada...
At five dollars per month, the proposed tax could conceivably raise over $125 million dollars a month or $1.5 billion dollars annually...
The amount being demanded is staggering when you consider that $1.5 billion annually dwarfs the actual financial impact of music downloading. According to the CRIA, total Canadian CD sales fell from about $700 in 1999 to $560 million in 2004. If we make the assumption that all of that decline is attributable to music downloading (which many critics dispute) the total economic damage is under $150 million annually or less than 10% of what SAC is asking!

But here is the kicker.
...the group is also proposing the federal government make an amendment to the Copyright Act that would make it legal for Canadians to download and share any music file regardless of its origin.
In simple terms the group is lobbying the government to abolish illegal file sharing in exchange for its members receiving $1.5 billion dollars in tax revenues.

What this means is that the Songwriters Association of Canada wants to settle. They want the government to give them $1.5billion a year in order to not prosecute anyone who downloads music. Essentially what they are saying is "Give us enough money and we will agree that downloading music ought to be legal."
The SAC, the CRIA and the RIAA are nothing short of thugs. The recording industry produces mountains of garbage every year that they pretend is music. Hollywood and all its relevant unions are just as bad. Significantly more bad movies are made than good. Instead of recognizing the staggering lack of talent in the entertainment "industry," these people have the unmitigated gall to demand monetary compensation from the average individual. They arm wrestle governments into passing punitive laws against copyright infringement, all the while pretending that they do so for the benefit of their artists rather than for their own monetary gain. They pump out commercials which erroneously declare "Piracy is stealing" in order to befuddle the general population who have absolutely no idea that copyright infringement is not stealing and is treated very differently under then law than theft is.
Carefully consider what the SAC's logic must be in order to arrive at their $5 per month levy.
1. Illegal downloading caused a drop in profits.
2. "Everyone" downloads illegally.
3. Therefore, force everyone to compensate us for our losses times 10 regardless of whether or not number 1 or 2 is true, which by the way they aren't. In fact, both are demonstrably false!
If, like me, you are appalled by the notion ought to be able to demand such a levy, then I recommend you contact Canadian Heritage at 1 866-811-0055 or by email at cmf-music@pch.gc.ca. These people already get enough of our tax money. They don't deserve so much as another dime! If they are in any way broke (and they aren't) then they can start producing higher quality material!
And while you're at it, contact your MP and protest the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Bill C-303: Taxpayer Funded Universal Childcare

I was recently sent the following in an email.

Within the next 10 days a Private Members’ Bill which would enshrine universal, not-for-profit (government controlled) childcare in Canada at taxpayers’ expense is expected to have 3rd reading and final vote. Cost estimates range from $10 - $15 billion annually.
The bill is expected to pass unless some of the MPs who currently support the bill can be persuaded to change their vote, or "miss" the vote.
Victoria MP Denise Savoie’s (NDP) Bill C-303 provides no support for other caregiving options such as parents who choose to stay home to care for their children, relative care, neighbour care, or private licenced childcare (only grandfathering existing ones).
According to Statistics Canada only 13.1 % of children are in the form of institutional childcare that Ms. Savoie advocates.
The bill disregards both parental rights and what most parents want for their children. It infringes on provincial jurisdiction and shows a profound disrespect for Canadian taxpayers.
Most troubling, C-303 fails to consider fully what is in the best interest of children. The preamble implies that one of the goals of quality "child care" is to ensure that parents can be away from their children earning money! How does increasing the level of parental absence serve the best interests of children?
MPs voted 138 – 112 in favour of this bill, at 2nd Reading on November 21, 2007, with NDP, Liberal and BLOC support. Only the Conservatives oppose the bill.

Parents are the primary caregivers of their children, NOT the government. The family, that is the fundamental unit of society, must be empowered. Government-run daycare is not the answer.
If you are against this bill, as I am, contact your MP right away. Make yourself heard!
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