Muslims Against Sharia

This interesting site was posted in a comment with regards to the Levant situation. Clearly, some Muslims desire reform. They do not hold to the beliefs espoused by Islamists and they do not feel that the current situation between Islam and the West is either acceptable or the sole fault of the West.
Initiatives like this are important. While I don't believe that attempts to reform the Koran will ever be successful, I do think that it is important for moderate Muslims to speak out. Not every Muslim is an extremist. Not every Muslim wants to conquer the world and rid it of infidels. On this matter, silence is acceptance. If one does not speak out, then that silence must be construed as agreement. If one does not speak out against an aggressor, conquest is inevitable. Those who oppose sharia must voice their concerns. This is what free speech is all about.
Sharia law is an abomination. Anyone living here who thinks it's acceptable can go and live in any of the countries where it is practiced. Sharia law is in no way compatible with western democratic values. If one wishes to enjoy the freedoms of Canadian society, they one must adhere to the laws this society sets down and not try to import foreign values (or lack thereof).


Balbulican said...

Rootleweb, with respect, consensus is building that the group you've chosen to praise here is a group of anti-Muslim pundits and bloggers masquerading as a Muslim organization.

May I respectfully refer you to the following discussion, and ask you to keep an open mind"



Balbulican said...

Rootleweb, since we posted our investigation of the so-called "Muslims Against Sharia", they've shown their true colours on quite a few sites.

Just in case any of your readership thinks that this is, in fact, a religious group committed to reform, please read some of the things they've been saying to their critics. An advisory: our post is polite, but some of the remarks posted by the bloggers pretending to be Muslims are quite obscene.


Anonymous said...

Balbulican is a degenerate left-wing demagogue who claims that his favorite candidate is Fred Thompson. This an all his other lies are debunked in http://muslimsagainstsharia.blogspot.com/2008/01/another-exposer-of-muslims-against.html

Balbulican said...

Rootleweb, Rosemary of "Rosemary's Thoughts" has reached a very different conclusion about "Muslims" Against Sharia. You may wish to read her comments on her site.

Anonymous said...

"Rosemary of "Rosemary's Thoughts" has reached a very different conclusion"

That’s true. Apparently rosemary thinks that only Christians and Jews (Neocons) would use language that is offensive to her.

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