And my Facebook Saga Continues

So, apparently the reason my account was disabled is due to the fact it is tied to an email account that both my husband and I use. Furthermore, both my name and the name of my husband is on the account. Somehow, this violates their Terms of Use.
I decided to Google for Facebook disabled accounts. I was really surprised at what I found. Apparently, random disabling of an account without warning is common practice with Facebook. The best example I came across whas that of British politician Steve Webb who found himself banned when someone at Facebook erroneously believed him to be an impostor. In fact, Get Satisfaction has an entire section devoted to Facebook complaints.
My account was disabled late Monday night. As I said earlier, it is a matter of cosmic irony that this should be done in response to a scam alert. So far I have received only two emails regarding the situation, one yesterday and one Monday night. Both were sent around 10pm. I have emailed every available channel trying to resolve the situation.
It strikes me as odd, not to mention inconsistent, that genuine violations such as the distribution of porn (and there are many such cases) should receive either no attention at all or at most get a warning while a non-violation should result in an immediate banning without warning. Furthermore, the lack of attention I have received is just bad customer service. I am only a lone individual. What about the many companies who hope to use Facebook as a marketing platform? It would be a colossal mistake to assume that they would put up with such poor treatment. If Facebook wants to position itself as the social networking tool, then they are going to have to reexamine how they do customer support.

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