Hollywood Writers on Strike

It baffles me that writers in Hollywood feel the need to go on strike. These guys make more money than I will ever see in my lifetime. Half the movies made in the last few years have been total garbage. Most of what's on TV is unwatchable.
But is there any gratitude?
Are this lot of no-talent hacks thankful for what they get?
No. Of course not.
At the heart of the issue is revenue generated from the Web and also DVD royalties. Writers feel they are not properly compensated. Networks and studios feel they are. As far as I am concerned, neither party is in the right. They are all wrong. The Hollywood industry is so utterly fuelled by greed that is impossible to respect it. The lavish lifestyle of the Hollywood collective is borderline obscene. If that entire industry were to suffer a collapse from which it could not recover, I would not care at all.


Anonymous said...

How about the other people affected by this strike that don't make as much as the writers'?

Anonymous said...

the writers don't make as much as many people think. And why should they not be paid the same residuals an actor is?

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