Dion: Worst Liberal Leader Ever

Bring on the tax cuts. If Dion's speech is any indication, we will not be heading to the polls anytime soon.
And what a disgraceful speech it was. First of all, the man can barely talk. If you want to run for office, then fluency in both official languages is a must. Secondly, if you are going to trash the throne speech, then you should be willing to stand on your convictions and vote it down.
Instead, the Liberals have decided to blame the Canadian population. Apparently, we don't want an election. As such, they will propose amendments to the throne speech. If the Conservatives do not accept the amendments, the plan is to abstain from voting. This way, the government will not be brought down over any of the more "controversial" issues (such as Kyoto or Afghanistan) and Parliament can continue as normal.
So, what was the point of Dion's speech?
If he isn't going to do anything, why even bother speaking?
If the plan is more Liberal inaction, people really don't want to hear about it. And did anyone in the Liberal caucus actually think this lack of plan would make them look brave or worthy of leading our country? All the posturing in the world is not going to impress the Canadian public if there is no substance behind it, especially in light of the fact that Dion's speech was full of accusations that the government was "playing politics."
The Liberals could be engineering their own demise. If they do not step up to the plate and stand for something, they could find themselves on the Opposition for some time to come.


Anonymous said...

You must be an idiot. I can understand Dion fine. It's okay, a majority of the population are not gifted with languages, or intelligence in general - and you do fit the pattern, being devout and all.

BTW, Harper's French sucks balls.

Feel free to moderate this comment if you don't have a pithy response. I understand (see above).

Ruth said...

Hah hah.
Such wit.
Really, I wish I had your gift for comedic genius.
Do I dare point out that I didn't say I couldn't understand Dion?

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