A Crushing Defeat

I can't say that I am overly surprised the PC's lost the election. I am disappointed that the Liberals were handed another majority. The referendum didn't pass either. Of the 52% of the voting population that turned out, nearly 2/3 voted the idea of multi-member proportional representation down.
I didn't even vote for the MPP in my riding. It's not that I don't like Tim Hudak. I do. I think he's very competent. However, neither my husband or I could bring ourselves to vote for Tory. He just isn't our idea of what a Conservative should be. What is such a liberal doing in the PC party anyway?
His campaign was truly inept. While it's true that the media chose to focus on funding for religious education, McGuinty did so many things wrong as premier that Tory should have had an easy ride. Does everyone forget that Caledonia has still not properly been resolved? Is the collective attention span of our population that short? Instead, Tory couldn't even get elected in the riding he was running in.
My hope is that his days are numbered.
Hopefully next time the PC's will pick a truly Conservative leader.


Deepthinker said...

A truly conservative leader liek maybe... Tim Hudak! Give him a call, talk to him you may see that you agree on quite a few things!

Ruth said...

If Tim Hudak were to run for leader of the PC's, I'd support him for sure. I do agree with him on many things, as do many of the people in my riding... which is why he keeps getting elected.
Calling him right now is probably not best though since he has just had a baby. But I may (or someone else will) in the near future.

Peter Thurley said...

I find it interesting to observe the more radical members of the Conservative party and the more radical members of the NDP. Your comments about Tory sound much like criticisms leveled against Hampton and Layton: "What is a Liberal doing in the NDP anyway? Let's get rid of him so we can pick a real progressive." I suppose it is not too surprising that most of the people who say that are pretty hardcore Marxists who support Cuba, Venezuela and Boliva.

Ruth said...

Tory stated he wanted to move the party to the center. That's not Conservative policy. By his own admission he is not a social conservative and by observation it seems clear he is not a fiscal Conservative either.
I'm glad he didn't win. There would have been no discernible difference between his leadership and McGuinty's.

Peter Thurley said...


I concur. I'm glad he didn't win, as there would have been no discernable difference between him and McGuinty. Of course, as probably you know, I think it would have been exponentially worse had he won and been a 'true' Conservative.

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