Tory's No Tory

For the first time in many years, I may not vote PC in the upcoming election. In fact, I may not vote at all.
There's no one to vote for in my riding.
John Tory is not a suitable leader for the Ontario PC party. There is nothing at all in the PC party platform that resembles conservative policy, either fiscal or social.
The party's new plan can be found here It's a whole lot of promises for a whole lot of interference. That means more taxes, in case you were wondering.
As a part of his "plan" for education," Tory wants to "Limit the homework burden on young children to the recommended ten minutes per grade level. Children need a life outside of school – time with family and friends, not an extra two hours of stress at the end of the day." Yeah. That will prepare them for university. That will prepare them for the real world. That will empower teachers to do their job of TEACHING.
That's strike one.
Tory thinks he can buy the religious, social conservative vote by offering funding for faith based education. However, this funding has strings attached and will mean unwanted provincial interference. In the end, serious schools are more likely to reject the promised funds.
That's strike two.
Tory showed up to the Gay Pride Parade.
Strike three.
No vote for you.
Maybe I will vote no confidence.
I am as conservative as the next gal. More, in most cases. Not voting for Tory could mean a Liberal win. That would be bad, I admit it. McGuinty is a disaster. But let's face it; Tory would be worse. If I vote for him, I send a message to the PC's that I am ok with the party's new direction.
And I am not.


Nicol DuMoulin said...

I will go out and vote for Tory, but I do completely appeciate and respect your view.

My vote is out of wanting to get rid of McGuinty, no more, no less.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Just vote against McGuinty. Anyone but McGuinty. Please.

The Right is Where its At said...

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Jeff Davidson said...

you mention preparing our children for the real world and then chastise mr. tory for showing up at pride.

guess what? in the real world, there are gay people.

Anonymous said...

so one reason you aren't voting for Tory is because he went to some massive gay parade! Thats so backwards! How about you don't vote for him because he worked for Rogers and they bill too much?

Matt said...

If you don't think he'll be great is one thing, but I think the guy deserves a fair shake. I really, really doubt he could be worse than Dalton. But, I understand your frustration.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason to vote for John Tory...

He isn't a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Ruth wrote: "There is nothing at all in the PC party platform that resembles conservative policy, either fiscal or social."

You might be interested in reading John Tory's interview in the July 30, 2007 Western Standard (you will need to register:

Terry O'Neill: "You've put your stamp on the party through a new policy document that is seen as moving the party to the centre. Do you see it this way or do you see your party as small-c conservative?"

John Tory: "No, I see it as a party that's in the centre. There are elements of me that are very conservative when it comes to how carefully you manage the money and how you govern yourself in terms of fiscal policy. My commitment to enterprise is that, in the end, it's the only thing that can produce the prosperity so that we can then decide on how properly to allocate, in terms of sharing that wealth among the population. On community safety issues, I'm very conservative. But I have a huge social conscience."

To Mr. Tory, it seems that the success of businesses is secondary to being able to tax them?


Anonymous said...

Go ahead.....join the Lemming Liberal Nation!!

BEAJ said...

I agree with the commenter about the gay parade. Good for Tory to show up there.

But there is no way I'm voting for him because even though we don't have separation of church and state officially in Canada, I will never vote for someone who violates it like Tory is with his religious school funding platform. I think Tory even knows he lost the election because of it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ruth, an alternative is to vote for the candidate in your riding that seems most impressive.

Anonymous said...

The PC Candidate in our riding will get my vote. He' been a hard worker locally, and if he can get Tory out of the Tranna mindset then there might be hope. Think locally Ruth.
I understand your discouragement. For me it was when he voted for the huge pay hike for MPP's...without a wimper of concern for taxpayers.
Still waiting for better discussion of health care...education is getting too much attention.

Peter Thurley said...

Strike Three is his attendance at the Pride Parade? *incredulous stare*

Have you ever read Philip Yancey's "What's So Amazing About Grace?" It's a good book. Opened my eyes to the fact that homosexuals are people too.

Ruth said...

Yes they are.
But their lifestyle is sinful. Do you really need me to post every Scripture verse that states this?
The Pride Parade is little more than a public orgy.
Tory had no business attending.

Anton said...


Ruth never said that homosexuals aren't people. They are people, and like all people they should be treated respectfully and properly with Christian love. Attending the Gay Pride parade would be seen as openly supporting them. Since Ruth doesn't support their lifestyle why should she vote for someone that does?

Unfortunately in today's age people get confused between tolerance and full support. It seems that unless you actively promote a lifestlye choice you are intolerant of it and somehow backwards and a bigot etc. Guess what, you can be tolerant and still opposed.

Anonymous wrote: "so one reason you aren't voting for Tory is because he went to some massive gay parade! Thats so backwards!"

How intolerant of you. Why is Ruth's view not valid? You should be tolerant of all worldviews and lifestyles.

The goose and gander and all that.

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