Parliament Prorogued

Harper has delayed the opening of Parliament for approximately one month. Instead of sitting September 17th, Parliament will now sit October 16th. As a result of this move, the government will have to present a throne speech which will be subject to a vote of confidence. A number of important bills will die on the order paper, but they are expected to be reintroduced.
Some have speculated that the government is deliberately trying to trigger an election. Since recent polls indicate that Harper's government would not likely do any better were an election to be held, this seems unlikely. While Conservatives would undoubtedly win such an election, they would not likely gain a majority. In the meantime, the Bloc is loudly declaring that they will vote against any throne speech that does not guarantee a withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2009. I expect the NDP to do the same. The Liberal Party is broke, led by someone who is unelectable and they are in no condition to run a campaign. Since the Liberal Party is extremely unlikely to force an election they cannot win, they will likely support the throne speech (regardless of its content) and Parliament will continue as normal.
It seems more likely that the federal Conservatives want to assist the Ontario PC's with the upcoming provincial election. If this is true, it's too bad. John Tory is unelectable, and I feel they are wasting their time. Tory is not a Tory. He has abandoned his conservative base, social conservatives in particular. No amount of help from federal Conservative MP's will change this. He deserves to lose.


Mutton Chops said...

Or will the Liberals purposefully force an election in order to get rid of Dion?

Ruth said...

Nope. He hasn't been leader long enough for something like that.

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