Funding and Religious Education

There has been much discussion regarding John Tory's recent funding announcement for private religious schools. McGuinty has been quick to denounce the move, raising the spectre of "segregation." Tory, however, claims it will produce a more inclusive education model. Schools who submit to standardized testing, accept teachers certified by the province and follow the Ontario curriculum would receive some measure of funding from the province. In reality, neither leader understands the mindset that drives a parent to enroll their child in a private, religious school.
For starters, McGuinty's claim of segregation is utter nonsense. Private religious schools have existed for many years in this province. Their attendants are fully integrated, functioning members of society. There is no evidence of segregation anywhere and there never has been.
John Tory's understanding isn't much better. At least part of the reason religious educational institutions are founded is because people do not want the interference of the government. The provincial curriculum is felt to be inadequate. Children emerging from the public system are not properly trained. Furthermore, the provincial curriculum will never center around a set of religious beliefs. It cannot. It is secular by nature. Religious educational institutions are founded because parents feel this is a significant flaw and wish to correct it. If funding is contingent on accepting the province's poor standard, then private religious schools will not apply for the funding. The promise is a waste of everyone's time.
If Tory were serious and actually wanted to further religious education, he would allow parents to opt out of paying for the public system. Instead, he has decided to make everyone pay twice.


BEAJ said...

I couldn't disagree with you more.
Here is my post on why religious schools are wrong to begin with and why Tory's platform is political suicide.

Ruth said...

I expect you to disagree with religious education. Most atheists do. I'll read your post and make a few comments. In fact, I may even make a more complete post of religious education at a later date.
Suffice it to say, I don't think it's going to be the make-or-break issue of the campaign. Some people will try, but I think their efforts will be for naught.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the impression that McFibber is asserting that Catholics AREN'T Christians or that all non-Catholics AREN'T the real Christian within that following of the teachings of Jesus.
He allows Public money to fund a Segregated School system for people agreeing to accept the Catholic Doctrine , even for the 10% of students that are Muslims according to a recent comment I heard on a Radio Show.

I tend to agree with McFibber , Catholics aren't Christians because Jesus warned about Baal worshipping and Idolarty like Statues of Mary or the insulting Image of Jesus left on the Cross and not the Risen-Lord that can heal and save useless sinners like me.
Michael Coren used to impress me until he attacked those that believe in the healing powers of Jesus , I also now support the Death penalty because Jesus supported it by allowing his own death after a unjust trial which he Stated was Mans-Laws and not God's Laws for the after-life in Paradise.
As for Creationism deniers, Michael Coren himself must admit to the fact that witnesses saw Jesus "Create" fish to feed the masses , and Jesus "Created" those Adult fish and didn't run a Fish-Farm to wait 6 years to make the Adult ones , nor did Jesus use a Micro-wave oven to bake all those Loaves of bread as some magic stunt to fool people like in a Vagas stage show.

Anonymous said...

right you are ruth! No government is going to move to one system and nix the Catholic system, and the two French systems.

What's the difference is Tory's plan to invited more faiths into the public system and McGuinty's invitation for an increased multicultural system exactly. If the kids from private schools decided to switch the gov't would have to pay for them to the tune of approx. $8800.00 per pupil.

I think McGuinty's closer to Tory than he wants to admit but he's hoping to fool voters and teacher unions.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that for now, at least, it is the make or break issue. Look at the very strong reaction people had on the G&M forums to an opinion piece defending the funding by muslim Tory Omar Soliman.


Everywhere I go (admittedly I don't go everywhere) nearly everyone is saying "what the heck is this guy thinking". I have run into almost no one that strongly supports this idea. Including a number of fairly religious individuals.

Truth is, there are no major issues to the average Ontarian. Sure, to die hard Tory and Liberal supporters every election is a life-or-death affair, but to the 95% of the population who doesn't pay attention, this religious school funding business stands out from the background noise.

A serious mistake.

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