What Ruth Needs (According to Google)

For a laugh, type your name into Google with the word needs after it. Discover what you need. Apparently, my top ten needs are:

10. Ruth needs to be evaluated within the wider sociological and economic context (Yes. Please evaluate me within a wider context. Especially if you are coming here to trash my blog.)
9. Ruth needs to photograph things or use her own "clip art" collection. (Not I.)
8 RUTH NEEDS MONEY! (This is actually true.)
7. Ruth needs to seek a different profession because she just doesn't have that hunger. (What do you recommend, oh wise Google? A chef?)
6. Ruth needs help with typing, filing, answering phones, copying, and other administrative tasks. (No. Ruth needs help changing diapers, feeding her family and generally keeping on top of her housework.)
5. Ruth needs a good prodding now and again. (That may well be. I am sometimes late.)
4. Ruth needs to be cleaned. (I could use a shower, it's true.)
3. Ruth needs a husband. (Nope. I've got one, thanx.)
2. Ruth needs hugs. (Maybe. it depends on who is doing the hugging.)

Number 1 was the best. "Perhaps it was a reminder that God's power is what Ruth needs to heed, not man's shallow disdain, as Mr. Benson taught her." No clue who Mr. Benson is, but heeding God's power? Totally on the money. Good for Google.

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