The Museum of Idolatry

My husband showed me this website today. A Little Leaven is a blog dedicated to pointing out what happens when churches fail to preach the Word of God. That is, it points out churches and businesses that have gone catastrophically awry.
And I really do mean catastrophically.
I don't know what is worse: the J3sus watches declaring Jesus is wealth or Temple 420, where they boldly declare that they "know Jesus smokes weed."
Because really, weed grows in Heaven.


John M Reynolds said...

Many of the examples from your link are about the commercialization of the church. One religion that has added politics to their sermons is gaining a lot of converts. Perhaps that is because they are trying to stick to the fundamental principles while working politics into that message.

Peter Thurley said...

Nothing like the joys of capitalism. It even brings a false gospel to those who claim to be followers of Christ! So much for the call to leave money, wealth and pleasure behind...

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