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The complaint against Free Dominion has been dropped. It doesn't surprise me at all that nothing came of the complaint. It was just a whole lot of hoo-haw over nothing.

As you were.

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Doug Aldridge said...

The CHRC and Marie-Line Gentes backed off because there was a groundswell of support for Free Dominion. Cockroaches don't like it when the light is turned on them. Likewise The Human Rights Commission. This organization is the epitome of the "Court of the Star Chamber" mentality foisted on Canadians since the days of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Its rulings over the years have demonstrated anti-European origin race-bias. If that sounds harsh, it was meant to. Its time to start telling the stories of people who have been railroaded by this gang of Correctoids. Dick Field has researched the CHRC for 20 years. He has done an expose interview with Doug Aldridge at www.therightside.ca

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