Parenting 101

The following story is for the people who commented here. It is for those who accused me of being a bad parent. It is especially for those who think you can rationalize with a child under two.

Last night I was bathing my kids. I took my son out of the tub first and went to dry him off. As is the habit of many three month old males, he peed all over himself and the wall.
So much for his bath.
I took him back to the bathroom, intending to rebathe him.
My daughter abruptly started screaming. I thought perhaps she had hurt herself or had dropped something. I entered the bathroom to find her standing up in the tub, panicking, and pointing at the water. She was babbling incoherently, wide eyed and obviously afraid of something. So I looked in the tub.
She had pooped.
I told her it was just a poop, that everything was fine. She would have none of it. Where had it come from? What was it doing there? Would it get her? As far as she was concerned, that poop appeared on its own, out of nowhere. She had no idea that it came from her own butt. In fact, she was so afraid of her own poop, she didn't want me to leave the room. Even after I took her out of the tub, it still took me a good five minutes to calm her down. She was not calm until after she was dried, dressed, the offending poop was disposed of and the tub was clean.
As for me, I was all but collapsed with laughter.
For those that think you can rationalize with an individual who is scared of their own crap, good luck to you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning Ruth...oh the memories that came flooding back.. As far as the proposed changes to the criminal code...just hold me back! Parents are continually stymied in their efforts to teach their kids even the most basic of disciplines. I don't know..it just seems ike the more freedoms we are given and the more we're forced to give our children EVERY DAMN freedom our infinite minds can imagine...the state of equilibrium on this planet continues to spriral downswards into the toilet. Hate to break it to the Libs/NDP, but their approach is BREATHTAKINGLY "wrongheaded"!

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