My one Facebook Complaint

Aside from the annoying way it seems to be handling (or rather, not handling) blog feeds...
The details Facebook gives for describing friends are totally inadequate. There are so many categories I want to use. There should at least be a slot for prof and religious affiliation. The "Through a friend" option should not limit you to Facebook friends only. They should have provided some sort of generic "other" box, so people could add other categories not thought of.


Hannah said...

I agree. Then again, Facebook is a new and evolving form. It has only been around for a very short while. I'm sure we will see many changes as it evolves further.

Ruth said...

Yes. I think so.
Actually, I think it has great potential for doing business online. There is no advertising as effective as word of mouth. Like I said, Facebook is the ultimate online referral service (I know a friend of a friend who knows... etc).

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