Whatever McGuilty

"I won't raise taxes because now I'm in charge."
Yeah. I'll believe that when I see it, as will the rest of Ontario.
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty promised Sunday that he won't raise taxes if he is re-elected this fall and insisted he really means it this time.

I bet he does.
The premier, who ran on a no-new-taxes platform in the 2003 election and then introduced one of the largest income tax increases in provincial history, said Ontarians should believe him now "because I'm in charge."

What a lame line of reasoning.
After looking at the province's books and concluding the Conservatives had left them with a deficit of more than $5 billion, the newly elected Liberals in 2004 introduced an income tax hike - they called it a health premium - that now costs Ontarians about $2.6 billion annually...
"I didn't raise that health tax in order to raise my popularity. I did it because we needed to raise money for our healthcare system," he said. "Now we're on track to balance the budget for five consecutive years."

No, that's not what happened. You introduced a health premium and then laid off a bunch of nurses whose very jobs were supposed to be covered by your new premium.
I'd also like to direct everyone's attention to the wording used here. "We're on track to balance the budget..." Not "We've balanced the budget" but "We're on track." Hmm.
"What I will not do is make any kind of a reckless commitment that will lead to another huge hole in our budget. We've been there. We made difficult decisions to get ourselves out of that," he said.

Like give yourselves a raise? I recall you said that was a difficult decision too.
No, I will not be voting Liberal at the provincial election.
But then, I am sure that shocks no one.
I have to be honest though. I do have some concerns about Tory's suitability. He doesn't seem to be very conservative for a Conservative.

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Anton said...

I for one believe him. No new taxes. Perhaps an "eco-premium" or maybe an environmental reverse income adjustment, but no new "taxes".


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