What Lefties Think of Me

I love reading about myself.
It's especially entertaining when the opinion is so flabberghastingly wrong.
Take for example this post by a certain Jeff Davidson, whom I have never met by the way and who knows virtually nothing at all about me since I rarely post about my private life.
ruth vanhooydonk, author of rootleweb is insufferably self-righteous. she hides behind her christianity in order to condemn all those who think differently than her to the fiery depths of hell.
when she's not bashing islam, homosexuality, publicly-funded daycare, a woman's right to manage her own body or native canadians, she turns her attention to environmental issues...

<snip post I made about being a climate change "denier">
ruth's posts are a constant part of the bloggingtories landscape. her outright refusal to accept that man-made climate change is a reality and already altering the planet in a major way is echoed by many of her fellow conservative bloggers.
kooks abound in the blogosphere, we all know it. when you find such a splendid selection all heaped together under the bloggingtories banner and realize that they simply adore stephen harper, how can you not feel a little uncomfortable about the great leader?

The name seemed oddly familiar so I looked through my blog to see if he had ever posted here.
Ah yes. This is the guy who says things like:
"spanking is assault blah blah blah if you're not clever enough to manage your children w/o assaulting them, you shouldn't be anywhere near kids"
and "ok, let's accept your definition of a human being. now, tell me why you reject a woman's right to choose?" when I'm talking about abortion (because that the baby is a human is somehow not enough reason to at least give abortion a thought beyond "it's her body")
and "macs have their obvious strengths" and "i've noticed that you and many other conservatives mock what they can't understand" when he's talking about my knowledge of computers (Particularly hilarious. I am still laughing.)
and "many of the so-called christians who exist in bloggingtoryland seem pretty darn hateful." (Because really, no one has heard the old and tired "All Christians are hateful" line before.)
Now, I never read this guy's blog before today. In fact, I didn't even know he had one. I almost never read the blogs of the lefties who drop by to harass me.
What I do read are the blogs that send me traffic.
So, thank you Jeff for sending some traffic my way.
And by the way, I am not hiding behind my Christianity. It is who I am. There isn't some secret part of me that you can't see because of a Christian mask or shell. This Christian "drivel" and "hate" you so despise? It's me... or rather, it is the Holy Spirit in me, transforming and renewing my mind. It is actually what I think. I could address your other "points" but I won't. None of them are true and you are unlikely to be swayed by what I would say.
Great puppet by the way.
Perfect likeness.


Paul said...


Just remember: A person is on the wrong side of the issue when they are afraid to even speak its name. 'A woman's right to choose' is a rhetorical beating around the bush. The word is 'abortion', and one can be for it or against it. But, only one side dares speak its name. The other side hides behind other pseudonyms: 'a woman's right to choose', 'a woman's right to control her own body', 'a personal matter between a woman and her doctor', and etc...

This guy is clearly on the wrong side of the issue, and is simply spraying at those who are on the other side.

Neo Conservative said...

Jeffy "Bugboy" Davidson is a notorious lefty troll, who hasn't had an original thought in his life... that's why he runs around conservative websites calling people silly names.

It's like he's stuck in grade two.

It's pathetic.


Roy Eappen said...

He likes to insult me too. I usually just ignore him.
When his posts are too insultingI just delete them.

Anonymous said...

I too have seen Bugboy's trollish ways on various Conservative venues.

He is as moonbatish as they come. Pay him no heed.

Peter Thurley said...

"This Christian "drivel" and "hate" you so despise? It's me... or rather, it is the Holy Spirit in me, transforming and renewing my mind."

I have to wonder how it is that the HS can teach opposite things to people, so opposite that they end up disagreeing on nearly everything political, and perhaps even a few things theological (for instance, I find much of the reformed movement particularly their emphasis on presuppositional apologetics and predestination to be theologically suspect and distasteful).

I am not calling into question your faith. I have no desire to do that. I have seen in other situations how it is sincere, and I have seen how you desire to serve God and do what he asks of you (thank you for the email, it was encouraging to me). What I don't understand is how I can be led by the Holy Spirit to different conclusions about the way Christians should be involved in and affected by politics.

I believe the right is wrong on most things. For the most part, I have good reasons (theological, spiritual, philosophical and practical reasons) to think so. So why do we both come to different and opposite conclusions at the prodding of the Holy Spirit?

Ruth said...

This is actually a good question.
Let me ponder it and then make a post. I'll also try to address predestination. Chances are (and keep in mind I do actually come from an Arminian background) you believe more in predestination than you think. Most Christians do; they just don't realize it.

Anonymous said...


Good for you. I still believe in the tooth fairy, and people mock me for my beliefs, but you've stood up for all of us.

Shane said...

I wish Peter had his own blog. I would be fascinated to read more on his perspective that the HS leads him to opposite conclusions. It is a very interesting question and I'd like to see the underlying connections that bring him to those conclusions.

Ruth said...

He does.
I forget the url, but check his profile.

Lemon said...

Hey Rootie
We been joined forever in Davidson's trollblog.
I suspect he's working his way through the whole BT blogroll.
It's a badge of courage.

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