Revival and the CBC's Great Canadian Wishlist

According to this article at the Western Standard, not only is the wish to abolish abortion number one, the wish for a spiritual revival is number two.
Spiritual revival is actually the more important of the two wishes. Abortion is only a symptom. The need for revival is the real problem. Unless God changes the hearts of the Canadian people, correcting the problems of abortion and gay "marriage" can only take us so far. Our efforts are in vain if God is not acting on our behalf.
Incidentally, when asked, most Canadians say they are Christians. However, most of that group also says they don't go to church, don't believe in the value of "organized" religion and don't really practice what they think it is they believe. When the average Canadian who says they are a Christian articulates what they think the Bible teaches, most are not able to express anything beyond a general and inaccurate concept of "love." Sin is considered a more "hateful" concept and people are naturally just and good.
Of course, this isn't what the Bible teaches at all. In order to truly understand what it means to love God, love others and be loved by God and others in return, we must understand the depth of our sin and our dire need of grace. Grace is the solution to the problem exposed in us by the law. Grace has no meaning without the law. How can we even know that we need a solution if we don't know what our fundamental problem is?
As long as our society continues to believe it is perfect and there is no problem, revival cannot happen. The only way we can collectively be shown that there is a problem is if God moves our hearts. It's not something that can be fabricated through our own efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, religion. Mankind's cultural and intellectual snake oil.

Hate thinking? Want an easy answer for everything? Feel uncomfortable about reality? Don't strain yourself any more! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to give in!

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