The Great Canadian Wishlist: Cheating

Apparently, pro-choicers are sore losers and must resort to online cheating to make their point in what is supposed to be a "stupid contest."
When I opened my email this morning, I had several emails from a pro-life group that noted the fact that the pro-choice side had suddenly taken over. Some were concerned that their may be cheating involved.
There is.
Posted at Babble.ca:

This was posted on facebook 42 minutes ago under how to cheat wishlist:
1- remove support from your favourite group
2- add support
3- click te back button
4- add support
5- rinse and repeta as desired

Other ppl have posted confirming that it works. So I wonder if this means that CBC will shut down the contest as the results will have no validity or if they will find someway to cancel out the multiple supports?

And then:
It works. I have personally run the numbers up to 7440 from 7350 or so.
The only thing this dorky CBC scam proves is that I have no life.

As though enlisting Americans to aid in a Canadian wish was not enough, the pro-choice side has to cheat to get their point across.
I recommend that if you are pro-life that you join the wish, email your friends and simply get to work on rebuilding the pro-life votes.
Please, do NOT cheat.
Do NOT invite non-Canadians.
We should do this honestly. I'd rather "win," but if we don't then at least we have our integrity intact.

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