Food Fight

Funniest Story so far this year...

When 20 police officers gathered at a Montreal high school this week, it wasn't to investigate an altercation or monitor a protest -- they hoped to quell a food fight.
Internet posts and a video on YouTube had trumpeted the event at Honore Mercier, along with a flurry of text messages between students.
And then, during lunch hour on Wednesday, the food fight began.
"I saw someone throw an egg, then it started," student Claude-Alexandre Blais told CTV News.
Sgt. Ian Lafreniere described the event as a "riot." The officers moved in, trying to subdue the mob but three people were injured.
Two students -- aged 14 and 16 -- were arrested. They now face assault charges and are expected to appear in court in the next few days.
There have been five separate food fight incidents in schools around Montreal. Analysts say the Internet and cellphones are helping students organize and promote the events...
Beliveau said he will ban cellphones when the students return next fall.
But Jonathan Sterne, a communications professor at McGill University, said communications technology like the Internet should not be blamed for the students' behaviour.
"If the students had planned it by speaking to each other, do you think there'd be an article about the evils of conversation?" he told The Canadian Press.
Michael Hoechsmann, also from McGill University, suggested the massive food fights are connected to a culture that finds entertainment in idiocy.
"There seems to be a trend where it's about frivolity and foolishness, and proving yourself as dumber than the next guy,"

So, there is truth in media after all. I would never have guessed it. Still, one wonders about the wisdom of printing this story. In the minds of some, there is only the most tenuous line between fame and infamy. While it's true that the culprits names are never printed, they know who they are and are no doubt reveling in their "glory."

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