Menopausal May

It's getting harder to take Ms. May seriously as the leader of a political party. First, there was her deal with Liberal leader Stephane Dion. Then, we had her preposterous idea of a carbon tax. It would effectively raise gas prices by twelve cents a litre.
Now, she has suggested she might quit altogether.
Green Leader Elizabeth May, frustrated and "bone-weary" over her small salary, a sore hip, an exhausting schedule and internal bickering over the party's debt, warned senior party members last month that she might resign if they removed her from the party's budget committee...
She said she is personally "broke" because of her $50,000 salary and called her job "grueling."

If you can't live off $50k, then there is something seriously wrong with your ability to budget. I question your (not to mention your party's) fitness for government.
I realize you are turning 53 Ms. May, but stop letting your menopause get the best of you. If you want to lead a country (and really that's the goal of every party leader or their party wouldn't exist) then you have to learn to suck it up. Tantrums, even via email, are exactly what our bored media sits around waiting for.


Peter Thurley said...

And to think we're not even in the middle of an election! Whatever will she do then?

Tony said...

Elizabeth May's performance as leader of the Green Party has been a disappointment. After initially starting off so well, she has lost her creditability as a federal party leader. Now it is extremely difficult for anyone to take her seriously

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