Bill Casey Expelled

This is a no-win situation. Conservative MP Bill Casey has been ejected from the Conservative Party caucus after he voted against the budget. On the one hand, he felt the budget was unfair to his constituents. He believes in representing those who elected him. On the other hand, the budget is a confidence motion. Voting no-confidence against your own party is something of a problem to say the least.
Personally, I don't see how this could have gone any other way. Hopefully Casey will sit as an independent rather than join the Liberals.


Mark said...

The biggest problem here, Ruth, is that the party declared in the House that they would allow all members to vote with conscience on the budget and not expel them.

They talked one way but walked another.

See my morning blog post for details.

Lemon said...

Bill wouldn't be welcomed back to Amherst if he joined the Liberals.
Great guy, unfortunate ending to his career.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Peter McKay has one problem: Foot in mouth disease.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the party said that, just Peter MacKay, who has repeatedly demonstrated, as joanna pointed out, that he has a knack for saying things he shouldn't.

Blogging Horse said...

Casey's not giving up either. He was on his feet in the Commons as a newly-minted independent MP today.

The NDP gave him one of their spots in Question Period. So that right after Sackville MP Peter Stoffer had chided the Newfoundland Cons, Casey was pressing his old caucus colleagues to do the right thing and keep their promise to Nova Scotia.

Red faces on the Blue benches.

Shameer Ravji said...

Budget Implementation bills aren't necessarily confidence motions (as opposed to the main budget motion which passed in late March). A former Liberal MP voted against the Budget Implementation bill in 1995 and although he lost his committee chairmanship, he wasn't booted out of caucus.

Cerberus said...

Is he being booted out of the party altogether (i.e. can't run as a Conservative next time, party membership card ripped up, etc.) or has he just been booted out of caucus?

Ruth said...

He has been booted out of caucus. I think is now sitting as an independent. As far as I am aware, he can still run as a Conservative in the next election.

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