Beyond Blasphemy

Deuteronomy 5:11 You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

The Toronto Police have assisted in breaking a Internet child pornography ring. Working closely with police in Britain, they have arrested more than 700 individuals across 35 countries and saved 31 children. Some of these poor children were only a few months old. The mere thought makes me want to vomit.
So, why the title?
The first arrest made netted the original host of the site, Royal Raymond Weller of Tennessee, who used the nickname "G.O.D." This recent arrest netted the man who kept the ring alive in a new chat room, Timothy David Martyn Cox, who used the nickname "Son—Of—God."
I don't know what makes me angrier, that this was done to children or that this was done to children by someone who had the audacity to call himself God. It offends my sense of all that is just and holy to the very core. These sickos took the name of the Almighty on their lips while engaging in what is probably the most heinous of all possible crimes.
What more can I say?
This is why I believe in the death penalty.
The world is just a little bit safer after these arrests. It is my hope and prayer that there will be some measure of healing for these poor children. May God restore the pieces of what are surely shattered lives.


paul M. said...

You realize that people like this are by their nature controlling and obsessed with exercising power over others. Virtually all sexual offenders fall into this description.

Jim said...

The death penalty for taking the name of your god in vain? Sounds like a very Moslem sentiment.

Ruth said...

Uh, no Jim.
Can you honestly not read?
Did you honestly miss that my post was about pedophiles?

Mark said...

I thank the Lord that 31 kids were rescued from the hands of these animals. And I pray regularly for the ones that have yet to be rescued. It tortures the mind to think about the plight of those innocent children.

I find it very difficult to have any compassion whatsoever towards child predators. I, like you, Ruth, believe the state should have the power to execute these sadists. And then I find myself literally hoping that God doesn't have mercy on their souls.

Ruth said...

It's too bad you hope that Mark. The problem with a lot of child predators is that they are often former victims of the crimes they now commit.

Shane said...

Actually, Ruth, I was doing some digging on that subject last night and it turns out... they aren't.

There has never been a correlation established between pedophiles and their own sexual histories and whether or not they were sexually abused. Disconnects from their parents via a variety of channels have been documented, but there is nothing that shows that those who were once abused are more likely to be pedophiles when they grow up.

I am sure there are some... but certainly not a majority.

I think the only thing we can do is love the people God surrounds us with, and pray that we can positively affect those around us. And if one is ever put in a place to prevent this type of abuse or rescue a child from this, that we will act without hesitation.

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