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Late last week, the news was abuzz with the story of Prince Harry at a bar in Calgary. He met and kissed one of Canada's "hottest bartenders," Cherie Cymbalisty. Now it would appear that a British tabloid has paid Ms. Cymbalist the equivalent of a years salary to divulge the details of her encounter, which she of course did.

Warning: If you are a country music fan, stop reading.

It is next to impossible for me to take this situation seriously. It's like something out of a cartoon. On a whim, I decided to look up the Cowboys Bar website. What was I thinking? Did I really need their site to tell me the bar is like Hooters meets "Night at the Roxbury" meets Garth Brooks on steroids? I now have their stupid song in my head. It is beyond doubt that this is the sort of bar where people line dance. They don't do it once or twice either. They line dance all the time. I am certain the female staff at this bar ride the bull for the pleasure of their male guests. Everyone wears cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I bet even a few people wear chaps and/or shirts with fringe. What's worse is that they think it's cool to do so.
As my husband said, "Yeehaw!"
This bar is essentially the embodiment of everything that is wrong with country music and its associated insanity culture. This is where Prince Harry chose to spend his time. What a classy choice.
So, Prince Harry, did you line dance? Did you wear the requisite hat? What about cowboy boots? I hear they are the most manly thing in the world.

Ok. Country music fans can start reading again. I'm done.

You should see "Canada's hottest barmaid." Only one word comes to mind: dirty. Her life's aspirations are to be either a Playboy Bunny or a Playmate. Yes, she really has high expectations for herself. Does it really surprise anyone that this trampy looking ho beautiful waitress would tell all for $30k? I am sure the stories in the British tabloids go something like this:
Interviewer: Ms. Cymbalisty, what was it like to to meet Prince Harry?
Cymbalisty: It was like, so hot.
Interviewer: And what was he like?
Cymbalisty: He is like, so hot.
Interviewer: Would you care to share the details of your evening?
Cymbalisty: Well, he was like, hanging out with me and my friend and it was like so hot. Then he like kissed me on the cheek, and it was like so hot.

Her pimp daddy boss is no doubt loving the press. It's better than free advertising. Nothing draws a crowd like scandal, even if that scandal is really a non-scandal. Let's not forget folks, this is a bar devoted to trampy beautiful women who entertain men.
And they do it to country music.
In cowboy hats.
And fringe.
Prince Harry went there to do what every other man who goes to this bar does: hang out with trampy beautiful women.
So really, this is a non-story. But, as we all know, the media excels at non-stories.


SUZANNE said...

This is "trash" news. Who really cares if Prince Harry went to a bar in Calgary for some T and A. Seriously? How is that different from most other soldiers?

Ruth said...

That was sort of my point.

Canadi-anna said...

You drew me in with your warning to country music fans. Man, you don't like 'em, do ya?

I love that people line dance and wear cowboy boots and hats even though my fanhood ends at the radio. There are a lot worse styles of dress and many worse modes of conduct. Give me country over most styles, because it doesn't begin and end with smut.

That said, what makes this trashy is that the girl kissed and told -- and stupidly thought she'd see him again once she did. That's insanity -- but it has less to do with country music than the fame obsessed culture of the younger generation. She could have been anyone anywhere -- music preference and style of dress are interchangeable when it comes to the cult of celebrity.

Ruth said...

I have quite a few friends who love country, sadly. I even have a few friends who line dance. Poor things.

...because it doesn't begin and end with smut.
That is so not true! Watch CMT one day.

I agree with you though about the cult of the celebrity.

Roy Eappen said...

The owner of the bar said HRH was a perfect gentleman. The yellowe press just disgusts me. I am quite disappointed in this young woman as well. Such things should be kept private.

Canadi-anna said...

Ah, see, I'm older than you. I'm from the generation that never quite got the hang of 'watching' our music. When it's visual, I guess sex is always the thing.

BTW -- why are you watching CMT if you hate country music?

Ruth said...

I don't. I also don't watch MTV.
So I take it coyote ugly doesn't mean anything to you, besides the movie?

Canadi-anna said...

No. I don't even know what the movie is. I must be really out of touch. I'd ask what it is, but I'm not sure I want to know.

Peter Thurley said...

I'm not usually one to stick up for country, but I'm going to.

Your 'rebuttal' to Canadianna's claim that country music doesn't begin and end with smut is, well, weak. If you get all your country from CMT, then you're not really getting country. Even if you did, I'm sure you'd find songs like "Drugs or Jesus by Tim McGraw appealing. Or anything by Sara Evans. Or you can check out Allison Krauss's song "You say it best when you say nothing at all." Or what about old time country? Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and others sang the songs of the lonesome cowboy, the young boy who wanted to be like his papa, telling tales of a life gone by.

I don't even really like country, but I'll stand with Canadianna here and say that of all the styles of music to choose from, country is the style with the least amount of 'smut'.

As an aside, the bar that Prince Harry went to is the most popular bar in Calgary during the Calgary Stampede. the cover charge is atrociously high, and if ever there is a place to see and be seen, thats it. In a nutshell, Cowboys is THE Calgarian bar.

Ruth said...

of all the styles of music to choose from, country is the style with the least amount of 'smut'.

So, baroque, classical, jazz, gospel and the wide variety of religious music are what exactly?

Anonymous said...

"It was trashy of the bartender to tell-all."

I would let Harry kiss me for the same chance. My wife wouldn't be offended, easy money...lol

Peter Thurley said...

I really didn't think I needed to bracket religious music; I thought Christian music was a given. Though to be perfectly honest, Christian music generally makes me want to puke. It fails to accurately capture 'real life' feelings, emotions, events and the like. There are exceptions - some of my favourite metalcore bands are openly Christian bands, bands that have quite the following with Christian and non-Christian fans alike.

As for jazz... that stuff is pretty damn good - I played in a jazz band throughout high school Given the time of history that jazz was at it's height, it was pretty risqué.

Music is one of those things that relies on personal taste. I like heavy metal, you probably hate it. That's fine. There's a reason I don't like rap/hip-hop, and it has a lot to do with the subject material of the music. The fact that you don't like country doesn't surprise me. I guess I just didn't expect you to rebut Canadianna's claim in the way you did.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you ever make a strong statement about amplifying celebrity through irresponsible media coverage. I bet everyone can overlook the fact that your particular media coverage ironically did the EXACT SAME THING.

What a joke.

PS Who really cares what they did at the bar, or - horrors!!!!! - after they went home? Believe me, none of your indignation is going to make a difference.

Ruth said...

Alas, I am not the comedic genius I thought I was.
Oh well, at least I laughed.

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