Anglican Church Rejects Gay Marriage... Barely

Vote breakdown:
Laity: For (78) Against (59)
Clergy: For (63) Against (53)
Bishops: For (19) Against (21)
Notice that the majority of voting members were in favour of gay marriage. However, in order for a motion to be accepted, there must be a majority in all three leadership groups.
This issue is probably not going to go away for the Anglican church. The church may well split over this, and you know what? That's ok. On an issue this crucial to a church's spirituality, a split may well be what is needed to divide the wheat from the chaff.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Another denomination moves itself into irrelevance!

First, it was the Catholics and their diddlers, now it's the Anglicans' vote on the side of oppression.

Ruth said...

If only that were the issue.
Then your comment might actually be relevant.

Shane said...

It isn't that I don't like gays. I just don't like you, Anonymous. Does that mean I am oppressing you?


Anonymous said...


You're stupid. dislike != oppression. Oppression requires a little more action.

Buy a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Anglican church was NOT voting on allowing gay marriage , but rather gay blessing of a civil marriage . There is a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Anglican Church was NOT voting on gay marriage , but rather gay blessing on a civil marriage . There is a big difference .

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