Thus Spake Trudeau

"Capitalism is bad."
Justin Trudeau called on hundreds of high school students in Windsor Wednesday to rethink the capitalist system and reconsider Canada's reputation as a squeaky-clean model nation.

And what, pray tell did he propose as an alternate system for society?
But the sober presentation didn't extinguish the students' excitement for their modern "icon," as 17-year-old Jonna Reaume called Trudeau when thanking him on behalf of the students.
"I can't wait to vote for you one day!" Reaume, 17, told the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

The bubbly teen added, "Would you please sleep with me?"
Reaume's enthusiastic support was evidently shared by her colleagues, many of whom rushed toward the stage following Trudeau's hour-long talk. The teens swarmed Trudeau as though he were a rock star, flashing their camera-ready cellphones.

"Oh! Justin! You're so hot!" the rabid teenaged girls squealed.
Yes, this is the future of Canadians politics.
I weep for the next generation. If they can vote for Britney Spears or the band that once was NSync, they will.


Anonymous said...

You might be weeping, but actually your are quaking in your boots.

Justin Trudeau, in 2012 will lead the Liberal Party to victory and probably stay in 24 Sussex for the better part of two decades.

Tories should get ready for another extended wildeness stay.

Ruth said...

2012 eh?
Never heard of the fixed election dates bill? Note that since it received Royal Assent our next election will be in '09 barring any mishaps. Four years after that is '13 not '12. Love your Liberal counting.

jeff davidson said...

trudeau actually said, if you care to look,” Our capitalist model has given us tremendous things ,but the time has come for us to look at it critically and try to improve on it, given the accelerated pace of change and the fact that we have limited space.

i know it hurts but try and think outside the box occasionally. of course, this isn’t a strong point for the conservative brain.

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