Stickin' it to the "Man"

Woman files human rights complaint against gay bar
All I can say is that it's about time!
MONTREAL -- A woman is pressing a human rights complaint against a Montreal gay bar that refused to serve her.
Audrey Vachon says she was stunned when she was refused service at the bar, Le Stud, in the city's gay village district because she's a woman. Vachon, 20, and her father Gilles Vachon dropped by the bar on a quiet afternoon to kill some time.
Audrey Vachon says a waiter came over and told her father that the bar doesn't serve women.
Vachon says she was humiliated, adding she would be the first to complain if homosexuals were refused service at a business.

I hope Vachon wins, I really do. These people didn't even have the decency to talk to her. They spoke to her father. You can't have it both ways. You can't demand "equal" treatment and then discriminate against everyone else who doesn't fit into your myopic little view of the world.
But then, it was never about rights.
It's about enforcing a world view.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to try to be this dumb?

First of all, usually the story becomes vastly different after everyone finds out what actually happened.

Second of all, you very clearly make your bigotry clear when you claim that it 'was never about rights' but rather about 'enforcing a world view'. You must not like gay people, otherwise you wouldn't try to make such a retarded claim that they are all in it together for nefarious reasons.

Holy generalization Batman.

I guess you can get out of this by just claiming that you never intend to be taken seriously.

Mark said...

But then, it was never about rights. It's about enforcing a world view.

Exactly. It's the same world view that says it's okay to put anyone opposed to the gay agenda into the same closet from which they have now stepped forth.

Anonymous said...


Ruth said...

Anonymous, I totally intend to be taken seriously. As far as being "dumb," "bigoted" and "a retard who hates gays" I am none of these things. You might want to look a little more closely at yourself. Instead of presenting any fact, all you did was come here and dump your mindless ad hominem.
This women went to a bar with her dad.
She was not served because she was a woman.
Anywhere else in Canada, this would be totally unacceptable. She was refused service by a bunch of men. Where are all the feminists who should be loudly defending her?
Gays have no right at all to think they are exempt from treating other people decently, especially when they go out of their way to drag other people in front of human rights tribunals for the minutest of reasons (Scott Brockie, Bill Whatcott, The Knights of Columbus case in BC and Orville Nichols all come to mind).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.....do you have to be abusive? Your first statement is clearly abusive.

It just might be that gay men hate women....in the area where I used to live, gay men complained over and over about being mistreated because they were gay....yet they mistreated women in the area as if they were nothing.

It was a very sick double-standard.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Personally I think it is a fundamental right of an owner of a property to be able to refuse service or access to anyone for whatever reason. However given that we live in Canada where we expect the government to interfere in all aspects of our lives then the bar owner has clearly contravened the law. You can't have it both ways but then again we should not expect to be able to legislate morality.

Ruth said...

then again we should not expect to be able to legislate morality.

All laws legislate morality of some kind. The question is whose morality are they legislating?

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