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I fall squarely into the "deniers" camp. I do not believe in global warming. I doubt very much that humans are the cause of climate change. I think Kyoto is a political scam designed to invent a new market and take more of my money. I don't think it's a well thought out plan and I don't think we should follow the agreement, since anything Canada might do is far outweighed by the inaction of India and China.
It is incredibly bothersome to me that the likes of David Suzuki and Al Gore shut down all academic discussion on the subject of climate change by declaring the debate over. This does not help to advance scientific thinking or research. That any reputable scientist should be refused grant money because their research does not tow a political line praised by Hollywood is a travesty.
However, just because I don't believe in climate change, global warming or Kyoto does not mean that I think we can all be as wasteful as we want. In general it can be said of our society that we eat too much, we waste too much, we indulge too much and we don't exercise enough. Because so many people have to have everything now, too many people are in debt. Because too many people want to live a self-centered lifestyle, they are not having enough children, or if they have children they spoil them rotten and/or let them grow to be obscenely obese. Sexual indulgence is also a symptom of our excessive lifestyle.
There is a lot to be said for minimalism. Only use what you absolutely need. Don't get yourself up to the eyeballs in debt just for the sake of a house, a car, a TV or any other "thing." Recycling means more than just throwing stuff into the blue bin. It includes reusing plastic containers for storage, sending clothes out to the Good Will, buying or selling items at garage sales, borrowing and lending items to and from friends and family if you know you only need it for a little while, and getting whatever you can on sale. Turn your heat down at night. Open windows instead of relying on air conditioning too early in the year. Turn lights off. Buy efficient household items. Use a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer. If you have room, which sadly I don't, grow a garden to cut down on your grocery bill and keep a compost for your food waste. The list goes on and on and can be summed up simply.
Don't be lazy. Make an extra effort. Use less.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the same camp as you. I agree with what you said wholeheartedly about choices in living as well.

However, I also believe that we have the right to make our own choices.

Living a simple life can be living a very rich one, in some ways.

This whole climate change chaotic hysteria is a good reminder to everyone to "not" buy into what the press wants to feed us in order to sell newspapers because they think that fear and sensationalism are sellers...but, rather to sit back wait, and allow the truth and reason to come out.....as it has in the climate change scientists who know what they're talking about, and dispute the claims of the Al Gores and David Suzukis, and Lizzie Mays...etc...who are "not" climate scientists.

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