Liberal Slush Fund

By now, everyone has probably heard about the provincial Liberal slush fund. McGuinty has finally agreed to a probe regarding the matter. The fund is to the tune of $32 million. With that much money floating around for the Liberals to waste on their friends, one thing is abundantly clear: we are over-taxed.
Tory also defended Conservative MPP Bob Runciman, who, in asking Thursday for reassurances that all appropriate evidence has been preserved, remarked he had seen a shredding truck outside government offices just one day earlier.

McGuinty said the former solicitor general’s question was "dangerously close" to crossing a line

What line? If there's a reasonable explanation, let's hear it. It's taken three weeks for the Premier to agree to a probe. That's more than enough time to dispose of incriminating evidence. A shredding truck does not inspire one's confidence.
The Auditor General’s investigation comes just four months before a provincial election campaign which appears to be taking an increasingly nasty tone.

In light of McGuinty's inaction regarding Caledonia, the increased health premium and subsequent nurse layoffs, his reversal of the private school tax credit and a host of other issues, this is just one more nail in the provincial Liberal's coffin. I don't see them winning the next election.

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Boy I wish someone had pictures of that.

I didn't think there was even a paper trail to shred!

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