Facebook, CBC and The Great Canadian Wishlist

Canada is about to celebrate its 140th birthday - what's in store for the nation's future? Step up and have your say.
Facebook, Student Vote and CBC News want your help to create the Great Canadian Wish List.
Start by joining this group, then browse all the wishes from other Canadians by using the "browse wishes" link. When you're ready to add your own wish, click on that link.
Then it is up to you to convince others to share your dream. Facebook will automatically rank them, and CBC News will compile the most popular for Canada Day on July 1st.
Someone recently added "Abolish Abortion" as their wish. In the last few days, it has moved into first place. There is also "Restore Traditional Marriage." Here is what you must do.
1. Sign up for a facebook account.
2. Go to the CBC Wish List Contest group:
3. Look on the right. Click on "Join Group"
4. Go back to the CBC Wish List Contest group. Click on "Browse Wishes". Look for "Abolish Abortion" or "Restore Traditional Marriage." Then click on "Add Support".
5. Forward to this to anyone who might be interested in doing this.


Anonymous said...

If this CBC wishlist were to show massive desire to "Abolish Abortion" or "Restore Tradidional Marriage" would you trust the CBC to actually report it? I doubt it!

Hannah said...

so are you actually on facebook yet? ;)

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