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From Canada.com:
The motion [to withdraw from Afghanistan], which called upon the government to notify NATO allies immediately that Canada’s combat operations in southern Afghanistan will conclude in February 2009, was defeated 150-134 later in the day by Conservative and New Democratic Party MPs.

I find it very interesting that the NDP decided to support the government, given their opposition to the war. The article doesn't go into detail on the reason for their decision. However, I would be willing to bet that the NDP weighed the value of leaving Afghanistan and not rebuilding the country versus continuing the both the war and the rebuilding effort. They made the right decision as far as I am concerned.

Update @ 2:43pm: It would appear that my praise for the NDP was unwarranted. They supported the government because they want the troops out now and feel the Liberal motion does not go far enough. I should have known that weighing the importance of staying the course would not be something the NDP would do.

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Peter Thurley said...

For a look at some of the justification behind a position such as the NDP's from the perspective of Just War Theory, please have a look at a recent paper that I presented at a conference at the University of Waterloo titled "Jus Post Bellum and the Current Conflict in Afghanistan." The reason the NDP wants the troops out now is because the current conflict has gone from being a war fought for just reasons to a post-war situation that fails to meet every single moral benchmark with regards to a moral conclusion to the war and the focus on rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Don't knock the NDP's position until you know what it is. The NDP has weighed the importance of 'staying the course' and has found that Canada's moral principles should not be bent with the intent of saving face. That would be to do a diservice to the Candian people and to the people of Afghanistan.

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