Still Not Queen

Last week Belinda Stronach announced she would not seek re-election. Instead, she will return to Magna and take up the position of executive vice-president.
I briefly considered writing the Very Secret Diary of Belinda Stronach. I am sure it would look something like this:
Day 1: Joined Conservative Party. Am sure this is the fastest way to becoming queen... er, PM. Am definitely the prettiest.
Day 95: Suspect Peter MacKay may be hotter than me. Wonder if he would like me if I was queen?
Day 96: Found way to make Peter like me. Go me.
Day 124: Nominated for leader of Conservative Party. Still the prettiest. Still not queen though.
Day 252: Lost leadership to nerdy westerner named Harper. Plans for queendom not looking promising. Met a hockey player from the Maple Leafs today though.
Day 364: Election day tomorrow. Bought snappy outfit and new pink pumps. Want to look my best.
Day 365: We won. Perhaps plans for queendom will work out after all.
Day 366: What? Relegated to the back bench? The nerve! Stupid Harper.
Day 367: Concocted vengeful plan. Will be joining other side in the near future. Decided not to tell Peter. Well, hockey player is more manly anyway... even if he is married.
Day 452: Crossed floor to Liberals. Red more my colour anyway. Was put in cabinet. Go me.
Day 493: Was called a dog by ex. As if! Sore loser.
Day 550: Created the Pink Book. Am v/ proud of my masterpiece. Definitely the prettiest. Not sure why I received 7 dozen Capitol Hill Barbies though.

To be frank, it's hard to feel sorry for her. Stronach has opportunities that most women do not, and yet she claims to be able to speak for the average woman. If she was really concerned with the problems of Jane-Average-Canadian, she'd show a little stick-with-itness. What she knows is that there is no chance now for her to become Prime Minister and there won't be for a very long time. So, she is no longer interested. I am not surprised she dropped out.


Shane said...

Ruth! You rock!

No copping out with that etc. I HAVE to read the end of the saga. At some point she has to realize that Sam will kill her if she tries anything.

I have never gotten over the fact that Cassie never finished the very secret diaries. Don't completely destroy me!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that no Reporter has seen the Magna Chrysler connection , Magna supplied parts to the non-Unionized Japanese Auto makers in canada that under-cut the Big-3's costs to help kill Chrysler while Belinda was in Politics and finally in the Ruling Liberals as a Cabinet MP .
Liberals did squat about the Imports and export Trade Rules while belinda was with them and all of a sudden after Chrysler is
up for sale her Daddy now wants her back to handle the purchase and run the company.

Martin made it clear that his CSL business could get Government contracts while he was PM and when caught doing so he transfered ownership to his Sons.
Plus, when about 130lbs of Cocain
was found on a CSL ship by the RCMP , Zacerdeli allowed it to slide as a scam by drug smugglers
that planted the cocain to be picked up in canada after docking.

Just try crossing into canada by car and use that excuse for the dope found in a hubcap or under the seat , you'd be in jail and held until a trial proved you were guilty.

The story is still on the CBC archives and little MSM coverage
questioned this injustice to average Citizens jailed for lesser drug posession.

Hannah said...

oh that is just too funny!!! :D

Ruth said...

I thought you'd like that ;-)

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