The Best Candidate for Prime Minister

Christian Conservative has this interesting post.
A new SES poll was just relased today, this time, on Leadership, and who would make the best Prime Minister. (remember how "reliable" all our Liblog friends thought SES was last week?)
"Who would make the best Prime Minister?"
Stephen Harper - 42%
Stephane Dion - 17%

That's quite the margin.
If you look at party support however, as pointed out by the article at CTV, the margin is not so wide.
* Conservatives - 36 per cent
* Liberals - 33 per cent
* NDP - 16 per cent
* Bloc Quebecois - 10 per cent
* Green Party - 6 per cent

It's hard to know what the results would be if an election were held tomorrow. Would Liberal voters turn on their party and elect a Conservative because they felt he was more competent? It's hard to say.


jeff davidson said...

martin polled way above harper before the last election and we all know what happened to him.

36% doesn't put him in majority territory. what happens to a leader who fails 3 times to get a majority?

Anonymous said...

It can also indicate that a lot of liberal support is 'parked votes.' Whereby people don't know what to do and it is safe to call themselves liberals. Idiotic for sure but it may also indicate this.
(real conservative)

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