Yet More Global Warming

This just in from CTV:
Frigid air has descended on much of the country, and one of Environment Canada's top forecasters says temperatures could stay low for the rest of the month.

I am waiting for someone to tell us this will be the coldest winter ever recorded. So much for Wiarton Willy's prediction of an early spring.
"Cold air is like molasses, it's like a bully on the playground: very thick, dense, very heavy, and hard to kick out," Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips told CTV Newsnet.
"Once that cold air entrenches and fills every nook and cranny, every little crack in the pavement, it's kind of difficult to kick out. And so our forecast for the next five days, ten days, next month -- this month of February -- we're saying what you see is what you're going to get."
The cold air is affecting much of eastern Canada and the U.S. In southern Ontario, temperatures in cities like Windsor dipped down to minus 20 degree Celsius -- without wind chill.

Blah blah blah. Whine whine whine.
What were you expecting? This is winter in Canada.
"But you factor in the strong winds and we saw wind chills that, right across the province, were typically minus 30 in the south and well into minus 40s in the north," said Phillips.
He added that in Winnipeg, gripped by frigid temperatures for far longer than Ontario, the air temperature had been as low as minus 40.
It's a far change from just a month ago, when most Canadians were experiencing an unseasonably warm winter, adding to the political debate over Ottawa's plans to combat global warming.

And that's because people are stupid.
All through our unusually warm December I heard many a weatherman say "It's not unusual for winter to hit late in these types of situations," or "It's only December, folks. We still have a few months of winter to go."
But did anyone listen?
No. Of course not.
All we heard was "global warming blah blah blah climate change whine whine." And don't forget this slit-your-wrists article declaring that in a hundred years, Canadian children will wonder where all our snow went.
"Most of the buzz so far this winter has been about where was winter," said Phillips.
"We saw in Eastern Canada the warmest December on record, very warm, and it was warm in the beginning of January. It cooled off about the middle of the month three weeks ago. We had a freezing rainstorm in southern Ontario, and that sort of heralded the beginning of winter. But still, January turned out to be about three or four degrees warmer than normal."
In the U.S., where temperatures have dropped as low as minus 42, the frigid cold has left at least four people dead, prompting homeless people to seek out shelters.
"Anybody in their right mind wouldn't want to be out in weather like this," Lawrence Wiley, 57, told The Associated Press at Cincinnati's Drop Inn Center.
Schools across the country have shut down, including districts in Ohio, Wisconsin and New York.
"Americans are saying this is Canadian air; we're saying it's Siberian air. It's coming way down to the Mason-Dixon line -- pretty well the eastern half of the continent it really freezing with some very cold temperatures," said Phillips.
Two deaths were blamed on the cold in Kentucky: an elderly man who left his home on Sunday, and a driver whose car slid into a river. In Michigan, a mother and her eight-year-old daughter died when their car crashed on an icy road.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, now don't you go dissing Wiarton Willy. I have it on good authority that he was one of the "experts" who helped write up the summary for the IPCC.

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